APS asking for recommendations on repurposing Sable and Paris elementary schools


AURORA | Aurora Public Schools is asking community members to participate in an online survey soliciting feedback about potential repurposing options for Sable and Paris elementary schools.

The survey is available online on the district’s website in English and Spanish and nine other languages, and will be open through Nov. 30. It is open to APS students, parents and employees along with other Aurora community members.

The district made the decision to close both elementary schools at the end of the current school year as part of Blueprint APS, its long term facilities plan in response to declining enrollment in the district. This school year the district is focused on deciding how school buildings that have been closed or scheduled for closure will be used afterwards.

Along with the survey, the district is in the process of holding a series of community input sessions in-person and over zoom in November. In December, it will open up an online portal where proposals for alternate uses for the buildings can be submitted. 

The input sessions are scheduled for:

Monday, Nov. 14 at 6 p.m., virtually at https://zoom.us/j/94576296854 

Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 3:30 p.m., Sable Elementary School 2601 Sable Blvd.

Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 3:30 p.m., Paris Elementary School 1635 Paris St.

Further information is available on the district’s Blueprint APS web page.

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2 months ago

“Goodwill eyes Aurora for its next ‘high school for adults”

Goodwill eyes Aurora for its next ‘high school for adults’ – Sentinel Colorado

So Goodwill that is converting a whole shopping center into classrooms for older students. Because they say there is demand for higher learning and Council Lawson is welcoming the new concept to Aurora. On the other hand, Aurora Public School management is shuttering several large schools as they say there is little demand to keep them open. You have to wonder why such a paradox is so? Well how much politics is in APS? Politics is where strange things happen.