Apple users can now add a Colorado ID to virtual Wallet


DENVER | iPhone users can now access their Colorado ID in Apple Wallet, the Department of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday. 

This makes the Mile High state the third in the country to implement IDs in Wallet. Maryland and Arizona added the option earlier this year.

“Colorado is at the forefront of digital innovation to better serve customers,” DMV Executive Director Mark Ferrandino said in a statement. “We are committed to saving people time, enhancing convenience and security, and expanding accessibility for all Coloradans.”

iPhone users who choose to add their ID to Wallet can present it at some TSA PreCheck security checkpoints, including at Denver International Airport. 

DMV officials say Coloradans who choose to use the new feature should still cary a physical driver’s license or ID with them, as the virtual card does not act as a replacement.

To add the ID to Wallet, a user must have a physical plastic card that is current and valid. To learn more about adding a Colorado ID to Wallet, watch this video. 

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