Yes on 2A: Aurora Retail Marijuana Tax


While the biggest incentive to legalize marijuana was to end the expensive practice of making criminals out of users, taxing the goods was a vital part of the argument.

Here we go, Aurora. As the city’s first retail marijuana shops start selling pot, consumers will pay only sales tax, unless voters approve an additional special sales tax.

Aurora Sentinel BadgeProposition 2A would impose a 2 percent sales tax on retail marijuana products, and a 5 percent excise tax on bulk, wholesale marijuana.

The new taxes would generate about $2.5 million a year, in addition to the almost $3 million expected from existing sales taxes on marijuana purchases.

Despite loading up on local levies, and there are already hefty state taxes, the measure would allow Aurora pot shops bragging rights as having the lowest tax rate in the area, a potential marketing advantage, some pot-shop owners say.

Maybe. But what it does do is allow Aurora to capitalize on luxury purchases that could help provide funding for a long list of city needs. We’ve already given the green light to Aurora shops and grow-facilities. This simply allows the city to reap the cash rewards. Vote yes.

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das codger
das codger
8 years ago

I am confused, isn’t there a range for the sales tax increase? Isn’t 10% the maximum sales taxes can be increased? Why would anyone believe Aurora’s City Council would be happy with a 2% increase in sales tax when they can get more without asking the voters for another increase?

My bet is on the maximum sales tax increase that they can impose. And while it is nice for Council to have some flexibility, it would be nicer if they would level with the voters.