LETTER: Vote NO on Proposition CC


DEAR EDITOR: Colorado is extremely fortunate to have the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). TABOR limits the state’s spending, helping keep our state government under control, our state taxes low, and our state economy good. Whether you’re a liberal, a conservative, or a centrist, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights benefits you.

TABOR, passed in 1992, requires the state to stay within a spending cap, modified each year by inflation and population changes, unless the voters approve changes.

Any revenue taken in above that budget figure must be refunded to the people.

There is a movement afoot to destroy TABOR by those who don’t realize how beneficial it is to Colorado and its taxpayers — or don’t care. They want expanded government and increased spending.

Proposition CC, a November 2019 ballot initiative, wants to ‘retain revenue for education and transportation without raising taxes…’, meaning ‘let the state keep money it is currently required to refund to taxpayers.’ Proposition CC would not designate specific amounts for specific purposes or demand accountability for use of the extra funds.

The revenue would go into the general fund, so succeeding legislatures are not obligated to spend the funds in a proscribed manner.

There is no ending date. If this passes, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is gone.

If we need more education and transportation funding, let’s tap lottery funds. Please – don’t let Colorado become another California, drowning in debt. Vote NO on CC!

— Bruce Many, Eckert, via [email protected]