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3 replies on “Toon in Wednesday”

  1. The mutt in the WH, is the very worst person who ever presided there. He said he wanted to ‘transform’ America, what he didn’t say is that he is a Socialist, nearly a Communist, a ‘one world’ believer, complete government control over it’s citizens. I think him despicable and loathsome. He alone, brought the liberal party to a place America was never meant to be, he see’s America as another China.

      1. I will reply, not sure why. If you can’t see where the liberals are taking America, or want too, I can’t help you. ‘specifics’? High unemployment (the ‘jobs’ created are mostly minimum wage) High dependency, $8.5 TRILLION and nothing moved except Wall St. and the fat cats. Obamacare, a total disaster. The only people who enjoy it, are those who never paid for anything in their lives, everyone else is paying more to include those who never pay. The ‘black eye’ he’s given America. ‘red lines’ in the sand, never doing a thing. Open Borders, ‘America is a land of immigrants’ Yes, but not Illegals, and he continues to push for more, on his own, without Congress, giving acceptance to many more illegals from Central and South America, and now refugees from Syria. None have skills, bring only more debt for America. ‘Obama BAD’? I don’t use street idiocy, or ebonics, it should be ‘Is Obama just bad’? Proper English, make America proud again.

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