Toon in Wednesday

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Debra MacKillop
Debra MacKillop
1 month ago

1) When recommending a Mexican food to eat on Cinco De Mayo, how about recommending a place for good vegan Mexican eats too. Or at least vegetarian. 2) electric scooters, electric bikes and actual ATVs are all over the “paved Aurora bike trails.” I walk them every day, and somedays ride my regular old people-powered touring bike” slowly. At least twice a week I am cut off and almost hit by the too-fast moving electric/motorized “vehicles” on bike trails, and see it happen to others pushing a stroller or walking with children, etc. They also veer off the paved paths and damage the surrounding land, which mostly is wilderness-type animal/nature habitat. I think it’s unlawful for them to be on the trails (certainly ATVs), and it’s dangerous, loud, and ruining the use of the bike trails. Making the electric scooters more available is not a positive, unless some regulation of the bike trails is enforced.