LETTER: The case for John Keller for 18th Judicial District DA


Editor: I’m very concerned to hear that the Denver-metro area is on track for its highest homicide rate in a decade. Our community is not an exception as violent crime is soaring in other cities across our country.  

One reason this is occurring is that many Democrat district attorneys throughout the country are taking a softer-on-crime approach, refusing to prosecute criminals committing lower-level offenses. This emboldens criminals and as a result violent crime grows.

The types of charges a district attorney declines to bring has a ripple effect and can change the culture of a community.  Do we want our county’s culture changed because more crime is allowed to go un-checked? 

That’s why it’s crucial that we elect John Kellner for our district attorney. John’s proven experience in criminal prosecution will keep our communities safer. He knows what it takes to deter crime and achieve justice in our community and will fight to preserve everyone’s safety across our county.   

Kellner’s opponent is a radical-leftist who has never successfully prosecuted a violent crime. We risk that she’ll follow the lead of other Democrat district attorneys in declining to prosecute lower-level offenses—and we see more evidence every day of the growing crime this approach delivers. She’s endorsed by a local official who calls the Aurora Police Department “trash” and who wants candidates who “are down to dismantle the system.” Is this the candidate we want in charge of our county’s safety?

Our community deserves and needs an experienced, principled, justice-seeking district attorney like John Kellner.

Will Johnson, via [email protected]