EDITOR: Each week I read Dave Perry’s column to see if it can get any worse: more intellectually vacuous, more morally and ethically bankrupt, and more poorly-conceived and poorly-written so that it  degenerates into almost incoherent drivel.  His stuff is always egregious, but your his recent pro-abortion screed is especially repulsive and disgusting.

Perhaps his high school English teacher (I assume that he went to high school, and maybe he even graduated) failed to tell him that using “so-called” as a pejorative is hackneyed and stylistically sloppy.  I am not a “so-called” pro-lifer.  I believe, as do most moral, reasonable, and responsible adults that life begins at conception.  Most of those — like Perry — who favor wholesale murder of the unborn apparently believe that a pregnancy is viable only when the kid enters pre-school.

If he took United States history from a non-union teacher, he would understand that the U.S. Constitution has nothing to say about abortion and certainly doesn’t ensure a woman’s right to have one.

Does he even re-read the tripe that he writes?  “The issue isn’t…it’s that the Constitution prevents the government from controlling the reproductive rights and functions of women.” What utter and unadulterated crap!  “Reproductive rights” is another far-left euphemism for a woman’s unfettered right to murder her unborn child. Perry is in dire need of someone to adjust his moral compass and assist in getting his head screwed-on straight.  A psychiatrist or a clergyman might be able to help him — or preferably someone who is both.  Perry say it’s all about “common sense.”  How can he know? He has none, as well as no sense of morality, decency, or the sanctity of human life.

— Frank Howe via letters@aurorasentinel.com