EDITOR: It seems that President Trump wasted no time in reneging on promises to help American working families.

Shortly after he was sworn in, he signed a series of executive actions. One of these actions reversed a program that would have reduced the fees that the Federal Housing Administration charges on mortgage insurance. This program would have reportedly saved many first time home buyers hundreds of dollars annually when they take out a mortgage. These actions clearly demonstrate that President Trump is not a friend to America’s working families.

— Thomas Johnson, Aurora via letters@aurorasentinel.com

EDITOR: Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a conservative southerner sitting in the middle of the Bible Belt, I am horrified by what that craven fool Donald Trump is doing. America couldn’t look more foolish if we strode upon the international stage and had our “so-called president” do a striptease for the rest of the world leaders. Get him out of the White House before he starts World War III.  Send him back to NYC where he can live out his days reliving his dreams of glory out of the way where he can no longer endanger real people, other than those foolish enough to accept his employment terms (knowing in advance he will only pay them pennies on their agreed upon dollars).

— pookiedoodle via AuroraSentinel.com

EDITOR: Perry hated Trump before he was elected. He hates him now. He thought he was a clown before he was elected. He still thinks Trump is a clown.

I assume he also thinks the 63 million people that voted for him are clowns?

He will never say anything good about him. Any good he does will always be slanted negatively by this paper. And you can take that to the bank.

Since when are illegal immigrants just immigrants? What made America great were legal immigrants, not illegal.

I don’t blame the law-breakers as much as our inept Democrats and Republicans that for years have allowed this chaotic, out of control situation to happen.

If the rule of law is ignored and not enforced, then all laws are diminished, and taken to its extreme meaningless as well. Then all we have left is anarchy.

— Steve Gehrke, Aurora, via letters@aurorasentinel.com

EDITOR: I live in New York and I read Perry’s column on Apple News. Thank you, thank you and thank you. He said exactly what I have been saying to family (yes those ignorant family members) and friends since this incompetent began his campaign. But his words are perfect.

We New Yorkers knew Trump to be bold, brass, unapologetic, biased and bigoted, but he was just building (or more recently) selling his name to properties. Now he has emerged as the most powerful person in the country and possibly, the world. May God help us all.

It is up to the Republicans to do something about him, as they own this lock, stock and barrel. Hopefully people with Republican congressmen and senators will protest, call and demand they rein in this president. If not, I fear the damage he is doing and will continue to do will be long lasting with dire consequences. I also fear we may never get rid of him. Even if he’s voted out four years from now. He just might not give up the office.

— Theresa Wiecezak via letters@aurorasentinel.com