Quidnunc, whose name comes from the Latin  “what now,” is out and about as often as possible  to bring you news  overheard in  elevators,  restrooms and  spied  in various e-mail boxes. 

QUID HAS HEARD that not only is there tension inside city hall these days, but it’s right outside the front doors, too. Seems that all the hand-wringing over hustling homeless campers from one highway median to another as a form of progress has two city hall campers nervous in the service. George and Gracie, a pair of Canada geese, camp out this time of year in and around big planters at city hall. Your faithful affiant expects they are ripe for having their gooses cooked over new and newish Aurora laws. There’s little doubt city hall is playing loosey goosey with these two when it comes to enforcing unsanctioned camping notice. The goosesome twosome squat on two public property planters and even get grumpy sometimes with anyone who gets too close. Worse yet, they’re clearly down to violate the city’s newest push to reinforce old laws against public urination and defecation. Quid hears that the problem is so pronounced in parts of the city that city lawmakers recently made a unanimous push at ticketing offenders. The evidence of these number-two scofflaws is all over the sidewalk and great lawn at the portal to city hall. Quid expects to hear that what’s good for the goose is a recipe for eviction.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the once oft overlooked Denver Nuggets is now the state and region’s ubiquitous brand for handy bandy for all people political. Tweets from across the political spectrum, who nary mentioned the unstoppable team before this week, were hashtagging the Nuggets as bandwaggoners came out in droves to marvel at the Denver team’s success. Nabobs were not only appreciative of Nuggets wins but some government types even gave the four-game-sweep into the national finals the power to change destiny and Aurora’s pesky police problems. “Congratulations to @nuggets on a great @NBA Western Conference Finals series win,” Aurora interim Police Chief Art Acevedo tweeted. “Hope to see you all go all the way.” He added the hashtag: “#RelationalPolicing,” perhaps to let Nuggets players of color know they’re cool here in Aurora. Perhaps the Chief was trying to make amends for his previous “Go Lakers” tweets just days before when the series began. Seeing how he’s felt the sting of Miami heat himself as a former chief there, that’s what’s making the Nuggets so cool now.

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