QUIDNUNC: Weeding out the best Aurora police dog names is Colorado high jinks


QUID HAS HEARD that you know you’re in Colorado when the police dogs sound pretty kushy. Seems that last week when Aurora police were on the Facebook thing to tout how cool their canine cops were taking their “kids” to work day, they let the public take a peek at a couple of epically cute crime solvers. World, meet “Deuce” and Diesel.” While Quid would never admit to partaking in the state’s most popular form of recreation — legally getting hammered on the state’s ex-cell-ent weed — your faithful hack hears from friends that a little deuce is great for getting you to sleep at night. And even first-timers know that just a couple of hits of diesel strain will have you shoveling snow with a smile — for hours. And now, two favorite Colorado flavors are catching bad guys and some Facebook buzz. Time to return the flavor, Colorado pot shops. How about a strain named after police dogs? Something with a little bite to it might be called Ace or Bandit. That sweet strain that has you intrepidly for hours routing out mismatched socks and loose cool stuff in the very back of all your drawers? That’s gotta be Cagney or Lacey. Quid appreciates that all of Colorado is determined to set the bar high these days.

AND QUID HAS HEARD you know the times they are a changing big time in north Aurora when the big animal attraction in the ‘hood is not cock-fights with pals in the back yard, nor is it well-toned animal control types puffing behind errant pit-bulls trying to make their getaway. And it’s not vigilante neighbors stalking the coyote that just can’t get enough of that fresh Chihuahua stuff out in the alleys. Nope, the animal attraction this weekend focuses on mint juleps and watching the region’s very own Kentucky Derby at the Stanley Marketplace. There, miniature horses will run laps for Aurora fame and fortune. Wow. Quid remembers when the only bridles in Original Aurora would be found at the Mon Chalet Motel for secret naughty things in the afternoon. Your’s truly predicts this is just the beginning, as the Colfax Corridor turns the corner with little horsies coming around their own final turn this weekend. Expect Welsh Corgi-drawn craft brew wagons on Montview on warm summer evenings. No doubt there will be Labradoodle Yoga competitions in Aurora’s City Park and likely there will be manx sled pulls in the winter along a trail of gourmet food trucks and Beemer wheel-cleaning stations.

Quid won’t be there.