QUID HAS HEARD that as smarter-than-their-parents-teens planned to turn out by the millions this week during the Wednesday Walkout to protest another mass-shooting at school, the kids out at Strasburg High School weren’t going to be left out. While some of the tens of thousands of metro-area walkers were making plans about where to take a long-lunch during the protest exercise, the 300 or so kids at Strasburg — which is one of the few parts of Eastern Colorado that’s not or soon to become Aurora — were all about the march. It does Quid’s cold, bloody bleeding heart good to see kids walk at all, and especially against the gun industry and its goons. And Quid won’t overlook that Strasburg has no shortage of gunthusiasts who would frown, and hopefully not shoot down this sort of behavior where you least expect it. Perhaps Aurora’s own namesake school district, which were nothing but fun-crushers for a march to benefit them and theirs in Aurora, could learn a thing or two from how old-school Colorado can make for gunless new-school areas like this one.

QUID HAS HEARD that surely a city government that has a reputation for being oh-so-friendly to all kinds of businesses could take it upon itself to be just a little friendlier to Ernie Clark, who owns the non-profit business Second Chance Bikes. Clark’s in the business of taking donated bikes, having homeless people help him fix them, and then give them away to needy Aurora kids who want or need one. Since he makes no money doing this and has kept this important program going for years as  a labor of true love, he can’t afford a shop, and has moved his operation several times. His current place is being redeveloped again. Soon he’ll be out. Surely a city that gave away endless millions for a big hotel can spare a garage or something somewhere to let Clark give away bikes a little longer. Surely.


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