QUIDNUNC: Much ado about Markert, Murphy Creek prairie dog catchers


QUID HAS HEARD that the dart board the folks downstream at the big paper at Colfax and 15th use to decide what to editorialize on somehow had a photo of Aurora Councilwoman Molly Markert up there, right next to “endorse the Senate candidate with the most flip-flops on reproductive rights” (Side note: The DenPoEdBo folks very recently took to lamenting efforts to chip away at civil liberties in the wake of the Paris attacks, something ex-Sen. Mark Udall would have been joining them loudly in arguing if he still had that job; but Quid digresses). Seems a dispatch from their A-Town beat writer about Markert’s use of her allotted city travel funds to help deliver glasses to Aurora’s Sister Cities partner in Ethiopia had them huffing and puffing and bloviating. The damage: The $1,200 Markert used out of $5,000 each council member has in a year to get about town and elsewhere. To put that in perspective, that $1,200 is about 1/7th the size of the raise that Denver City Council members voted to give themselves earlier this year. It’s an even smaller fraction of the total ($112,000) the City of Aurora just this week proposed to spend annually on the Sister Cities program. In defense of the Posties, nothing in the Aurora city charter prevents Markert nor any other council member from taking that money and spending it to go watch a cattle drive down on Humboldt or a few nights in the new airport hotel — hardly the sort of thing a public official would dream of doing with the public’s money.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that Aurora’s official unofficial city animal — the humble North American prairie dog — is under attack out Murphy Creek way. Despite trolling the Internet enough to gather close to 100,000 e-signatures for an online petition to spare the noble varmints that dare call the grassland their home in the face of ever-eastwardly expansion, The Powers That Be of Murphy Creek want to kill the colony. Some residents have griped and complained — at levels usually only reached by frothing, pro-pit bull fanatics — that this has all been planned with no citizen input and swept under the rug. A group of critter-friendly do-gooders, under the auspice of “Wildlands Defense,” says they’d gladly raise the money it’d cost to relocate the doggies rather than eradicate them. Assuming they’re not looking to rent a two-bedroom or bigger in this housing market, there’s probably a decent chance they could raise that kind of scratch. Quid’s an animal lover at heart, so godspeed, you chirping, sometimes plague-carrying princes of the plains.


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7 years ago

That $1200 that Molly Markert is using for her little personal vacation at one time belonged to the tax payers that pay thousands in property tax and sales tax. So yes it does matter!

Instead of blowing $1200 Markert could have sent them in a $100 UPS box.