QUIDNUNC: Mike Coffman, el amigo de los inmigrantes


QUID HA OIDO que Congressman Mike Coffman es uno de ellos. He knows what Quid’s saying. Seems El Congressman de Aurora has really been stepping up his forays into our fair city’s growing ethnic voter rolls. Two years ago, the congressman was fighting for his political life to represent Colorado’s 6th Congressional District after it had morphed from air-tight right-n-white to one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse congressional districts in the country, leaning increasingly left. The veteran and longtime Colorado politico started rolling with political punches thrown by former Colorado state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, a third-world bleeding heart liberal fluent en Español. Coffman started learning Spanish and actually participated in an all-Spanish debate with Romanoff en vivo on a local Spanish-language TV station. Say what you will about Coffman, really, feel free, but it takes cojones to pull off a stunt like that. Coffman eventually clobbered Romanoff at the polls and has been a subtle frequent flier to all sorts of ethnic events ever since. Until now. Embroiled in his regular two-year battle to keep his seat, this time against Aurora state Sen. Morgan Carroll, nuestra legislador, has launched his first TV commercial, which would easily make most rabid Donald Trump fans throw up a little in their mouths. “He’s one of us,” a big cast of faces of color say about Miguel. While this kind of thing could easily have cost him his career had he faced a Trumpeteer primary opponent, he’s still the only candidate with an “R” after his name. Quid’s now waiting for Carroll’s touché TV tribute to her sucking up to Chamber of Commerce types on a firing range, where she blows on the smoke curling out of the barrel of an AR-15 and exclaims, “Another bull’s eye for big business. Vote for Morgan. She’s gunnin’ for ya.” Equally as entertaining.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the world is finally discovering about Colorado Springs what most of us already knew: Colorado Springs is nasty. Actually, people who live there and a lot of people who drive through agree that the Springs is a beautiful place. In the evening shadow of the stunning Pike’s Peak and nestled among Garden of the Gods and rolling green hills all the way to Castle Rock, it’s the people that make a difference here. Travel and Leisure magazine proclaimed the burg the 9th most rude city in the country. If “huh” is your response, allow your faithful hack to point out that friendly types like tax-protestor Douglas Bruce and professional gay-hater state Rep. Gordon “Dr. Chapps” Klingenschmitt and the xenophobic Church of the Divine Sneer aka Focus on Your Family, all hail from these beautiful parts. Just when Quid feels almost a little sympathetic toward those non-haters held captive there by right-wingers gone rogue, the moment fades. We get the government and the pleasantries we deserve.