QUIDNUNC: Local mountains out of range for Jena Griswold


Quidnunc, whose name comes from the Latin “what now,” is out and about as often as possible to bring you news overheard in elevators, rest rooms and spied in various e-mail boxes.

QUID HAS HEARD that there is nothing more difficult for Colorado politicians than recognizing and handling this greatish state’s trademark feature: the Rocky Mountains. Seems that yet another gladhander has fallen into the trap of asking the world to gaze at her online landscape, only to have highlighted Rocky Mountains not just out of this state, but in this case, out of this country. Eagle-eye political watcher Jason Nock noticed that nascent Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold was harboring humiliating rugged mountain shots on the header of her Twitter account. An astute geography note by Nock pointed out that Griswold’s featured photo was in fact images of Cathedral Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. Griswold is the latest in a long line of Colorado politicians who think that all Rocky Mountains pretty much look alike and who have famously been pointed out how wrong they are. While some consider this a superfluous gaffe, Coloradicals see it as a cardinal sin. Griswold laughed it off, tweeting back that it’s simply time for an update. But what makes this episode of purloined purple majesty so egregious is that Griswold, unlike to many politicos who’ve come before her making the same gaffe, is from Colorado. In fact, she was raised in Estes Park, where the silhouette of local green bumps are world famously recognizable.  Punishment: Force Griswold to feature a photo of Kansas for one year and name every Colorado fourteener before she appears in any public meeting.