QUIDNUNC: House seems haunted with ghosts of past CD6 elections


QUID HAS HEARD that Brighton is a world away from Aurora. Not much seems to explain how former GOP nabob Steve House would don the GOP banner to take on Aurora Democrat Jason Crow to represent the 6th Congressional District. The district which reaches up to Brighton, is populated mostly by Aurora residents. This may be news to some, but Aurora is filled with people who come from other countries, tend to think pretty left politically and pushed once-favorite-GOP-local-son Congressman Mike Coffman out the door just last fall. House actually came to Aurora this week to make official the poorly held secret that he would take on Crow next year. In laying out the long list of reasons why he and not Crow would be more reflective of our bustling burg was that we need to make sure immigrants do a better job of “assimilating” into the culture. That sounds to your faithful hack like a return of English Only, which in a kinder gentler time has now become What Do You Not Understand About Having To Speak English? Perhaps someone would help House understand that in schools here, more than a hundred (as in “un ciento”) languages are spoken just in the schools. As far as assimilating, a quick trip down Havana or Montview Boulevard is evidence of how well that’s already gone here. Immigrants pretty much own the place. Perhaps Brighton needs a mayor, or some assimilation of their own.