QUID HAS HEARD that the Gaylord Rockies hotelopolis is searching for a marketing shtick to counter a string of events that really don’t say, “I wish I was at the Gaylord.” Not long before Christmas, rescuers raced to the gimongous hotelasaurus on the plains after several guests became sickened by a carbon monoxide leak at the hotel. Just as that problem left the local  public consciousness, a massive ventilation unit fell from the ceiling and into the massive swimming pool, injuring several guests and horrifying onlookers. This weekend, the string of “oh no” continued as an argument in one of the massive parking lots at the massive hotel broke out in gunfire, resulting in one person sporting a gunshot wound to the leg. Other than more time between disasters, Quid is unsure what the best hotel marketing strategy should be. “Making memories” seems too risky for your faithful affiant, seeing how some memories Gaylord patrons might want to get past. Same with “The perfect getaway,” with “get away” being the troublesome phrase. Time will tell, but Quid suggests that if you’re staying there and you come across two twin girls dressed alike in the hallway, leave the light on.

AND QUID HAS HEARD the Twitter bird as the messenger of mass disinformation continues to worry and depress everyone who sees mayhem in all directions Elon Musk advances. It seems that just a short time ago, real politicians said they feared a flood of impostor Twitter accounts could bring down the Republic with the end of earned-not-paid blue check marks by making Twitter users think crazy lies were the new truths that once former dependable political voices blabbed about in 280 characters. Some Twits have talked about a reverse strategy where regular devotees of disinformation have their accounts impostored and plaster the Twitterverse with anti-disinformation missives, making people think that dependable election deniers deny deniers like Donald Trump. That would create a rush of Twitter having to deny denial-deniers and probably overwhelming demand for the return of MySpace and flip phones.

And that’s all the news that fits.

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