QUIDNUNC: Gardner taking the High road


QUID HAS HEARD that at least a few Colorado Republicans are working to show voters they can make hard left turns if the situation calls for it. Seems that once very right Congressman Mike Coffman is not only seeking out and siding with Democrats on a host of issues these days, he has his campaign staffers bragging about it. When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions exhaled last week and announced he would allow local U.S. attorneys to go after pot party states like it was 1999, Colorado electeds from the left and the right had finger-tapping, voice-raising fits. Colorado types flailed Sessions for setting fire to the so-called Cole Memo, allowing states like Colorado to take legalized marijuana to a higher level. Sen. Cory Gardner, who stood by smiling while the Trump Administration sliced through just about everything that Colorado stands for, stood up for the state’s big-money pot industry. He not only stood and said marginally disparaging things about Sessions, he drove home the point, twice, by pounding the end of his finger on the lectern in the Senate. Oh yes, he did, faithful reader. He was, however, smiling. As of Wednesday, he and Sessions were at a standoff on the move. Sessions said, “toughies,” and Gardner reportedly said, “darn you,” or something equally as ferocious. Gardner, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee says he’ll hold up DOJ nominations until Sessions caves. Sessions said he’ll hold up a blood bank before he lets the likes of Gardner push him around, which is President Donald Trump’s job. Here in Moderate Voter Land, Coffman’s hired gun not only admits the longtime GOP darling runs with Democrats on this issue, they’re brafging about it. “@RepMikeCoffman only CO House Republican on delegation letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions r.e. Cole Memo,” Tweeted Coffman re-election campaign staffer Kyle Kohli. On Wednesday, Coffman also sponsored a bill demanding the U.S. reinstate the status quo for Salvadoran immigrants that Trump and plenty others want to boot out of this country. Legal weed, illegal immigrants, shmoozing with Boulder Congressman Jared Polis. What’s next? Berniecrats and Trumpicans living in sin? Your’s truly sees this heading in only one direction as Trump’s poll numbers continue to slide and Kellyanne Conway continues to talk. Fully expect Coffman to go to DefCon 3 and sponsor bills allowing voters to take yoga-class fees off their taxes or outlaw drilling for oil in Colorado reservoirs. Don’t expect, however, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to be any less responsible for world evils.


Quidnunc, who gets his name from the Latin “what now,” is out and about as often as possible to bring you news overheard in elevators, rest rooms and spied  in various e-mail boxes. 

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