QUIDNUNC: Frack-tured fair and tales


QUID HAS HEARD that there are a growing number of companies in the Aurora area who are increasingly impatient about not getting any recognition for their anonymous donations to victims of the Aurora Century 16 theater massacre. Seems that hacks here are getting plenty of phone calls and emails wondering why the money they generously offer tragedy victims incognito isn’t making headlines. Because your faithful scribe is the ethical sort, Quid also won’t be naming names here so to honor that honorable aspect of the anonymous donor and source.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that nobody appreciates a winning 4-H chicken like the folks at Anadarko Oil and Petroleum. Seems the people that helped make “fracking” a household word right here in Aurora are sponsoring a coupon for all Colorado 4-H devotees to save some bucks and get a discounted $11 carny ride band for the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo. Yet another case of Big Oil taking Americans for a ride?

AND QUID HAS HEARD that a political group working to get log-jam Republicans out of the state House for their uncivil strike at a civil-unions bill at the end of the last legislative session seems to have gotten lost in their message. The group, the Colorado Accountability Project, is railing against GOP House leaders, especially Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty, who used last-minute legislative tricks to kill a bill granting partner rights to gays and lesbians, a bill that was certain to pass at a full vote. The stunt infuriated Gov. John Hickenlooper and a lot of folks who cried foul for some time after the scheme. Making good on a promise to get even, a Democratic backed group is running radio ads that begin, “They thought that we wouldn’t remember,” spanking Republicans for the misdeed. The ad conspicuously, however, fails to mention the keystone caper: the gay-rights bill. Perhaps they forgot.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the gag order surrounding the infamous James Holmes murder trial is about to crack wide open. Not. Seems city officials who have refused just about everything based on Arapahoe County District Court Judge William Sylvester’s holy-moly gag order on the case, are ready to open up about sympathy messages. Even history museum types have been scared to death to talk about where soiled teddy bears at the makeshift victims shrine might be stored some day. But communication types at the city have put their bravado on, sending out a missive that Pahrump, Nev. folks are bring signed sympathy messages to city hall, and Mayor Steve Hogan is going to thank them publicly and say a few words, but not about the murder case. No, absolutely not about the murder case or anything to do with the murder case. “Not related to the case in any way.” Quid gets it.


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