QUIDNUNC: Denver bullish on landing millions for National Western


QUID HAS HEARD that no matter whether this square state approves medical marijuana for vets with Post-Traumatic Stress, there’s at least one decorated former service member who ought to stay away from wacky tobackky. That vet is none other than Rep. Mike Coffman, who seemed like his speech acknowledging National Whistleblower Appreciation Day could have been aided by a Mile High edible. For those hoping Congressman Coffman might be a champion for stoner ex-soldiers, it’s just as likely that he was having trouble reading his script to the camera. Or, perhaps just as likely, Coffman was instantly regretting the making of the video, which only highlights the relative lack of action when it comes to protecting the folks who have fed Coffman with plenty of anecdotal ammunition in his very public sparrings with new VA Secretary Robert McDonald. In any case, Quid hopes the new Starbucks at Mississippi and Abilene opens up sooner than later to give the congressman all the caffeine he needs to make it through his next video message.

AND QUID HAS HEARD  the deafening silence from tax martyrs and watchdogs across the state ignoring Denver’s plan to milk tourists and state taxpayers out of enough money to build a massive $850-million complex for the National Western Stock Show and other assorted conventions. Those would be the same watchdogs from Colorado Springs and Downtown Denver who were shocked, shocked and dismayed that Aurora would spend piles of state and local tax money on big projects that funnel not-for-profit dollars into for-profit causes. Suddenly, as Denver trots out its bullish plan to use those same state tourism tax dollars to rebuild the stinky Denver Coliseum and stinkier stock show complex, the critics have gone quiet on the matter of spending big bucks on stuff that could compete with for-profit sanctuaries. The same folks who just couldn’t say enough bad about the Aurora Gaylord hotel-a-rama-saurus, just can’t say anything about Denver’s plan to spend those same tourism dollars on a regional project in their yard. Where is the outrage for big-animal vets and their private businesses that will get squeezed by the joint venture with Colorado State University to move into the project and spend 16 million taxpayer dollars on a horsey hospital and spa? If Denver Mayor Michael Hancock can sell the story that a busload of kids making cotton candy or grampas hawking tree-stump carvings of eagles are the same as 1,500 full-time Gaylord employees, well, then Quid suggests Gaylord critics put away their pocket lawyers and get ready to bang the drum on Denver’s next plan: selling beach-front casino and Dubai-scraper developments along the South Platte River.


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6 years ago

Eat your heart out!

6 years ago

Well, this Denver voter will be voting NO.