QUIDNUNC: Denver Aurora Eco-Devo compensates with Denver Broncos Denver dance


QUID HAS HEARD that the Denver Broncos (Denver) can thank the Aurora Economic Development Council for making sure the (Denver) Broncos don’t play to an empty (Denver) stadium on Dec. 14. It seems the local eco-devo divas had originally pegged that day for their annual A-List hoo haw, where big (Denver) money comes to (Denver) see big names for big (Denver) bucks. In the past, AEDC has (gone to Denver) and trotted out Bill Clinton, David McCullough, Michael Hayden and Andre Agassi out to show the (Denver) neighbors how imporant A-Town really is (to Denver). AEDC officials pointed out the Broncos gaffe but took the high road and moved the A-List event to Oct. 24 in the Wings Over the QuidBadge5.16.12Rockies Museum (in Denver) rather than force the Broncos to contact the NFL and find a better day for the Chargers game. What AEDC nabobs haven’t said yet is who the star attraction will be this year. Quid suggests Thelma Gaylord, wife of controversial Oklahoman newspaper publisher Edward Gaylord, who also started the prestigious chain of Gaylord Hotels, which chose Aurora and not Denver.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that cancer and malaria has been cured, and nobody’s house in Aurora needs paint. Why else would someone at city hall dredge up Aurora’s weird gargage-sale limitation edicts and laws? Seems someone wants to know if Aurora should get the city’s clean police to step up enforcement of those residents wicked enough to hold more than the city-sanctioned four garage sales per year. City hoo haws are asking whether to bring in extra weekend inspectors or nuclear weapoms to keep people from selling their junk every weekend instead of getting a job. Quid suggests someone check out some of these sales to see if they can pick up a life.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff told the press that his invitation to President Barack Obama’s speech in Denver on Wednesday was reportedly lost in the mail, the dog ate it, he never got it, or he didn’t really want to go anyway. Obama’s tour of Colorado concluded with a speech in Cheesman Park — Romanoff’s old state House district — where the president made clear his plans to move to Colorado after his presidential term was up because we have totally awesome laws here and stuff. Of course, associating with the president doesn’t win Romanoff points with conservative voters in our district, so score one for Team Coffman. But if Romanoff were on the national party tip to begin with, he’d probably still have that House near Cheesman Park — the one he lost when he broke with establishment Democrats four years ago. Can’t we just vote for just who’s running in the race anyway?


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8 years ago

Washington Park. Romanoff’s district touched Wash Park and his house was a half block away. Editors, why have you forsaken us?

8 years ago

Andy Romanoff is essentially a Denver politician. Does anyone think he would really have moved to Aurora — a place he has never shown any interest in before — if there was not a congressional seat to run for? He would have been better off challenging Diana DeGette in a primary in CD 1.

Like Denver State Rep. Joe Miklosi, in 2012, if Romanoff loses, he won’t be hanging around Aurora anymore. He will scurry back to Denver where he belongs. Democrats have shown, with both Miklosi and Romanoff, that their candidates are merely an attempt to gain a second congressional seat for the City and County of Denver at Aurora’s expense.