QUIDNUNC: Clinton diaper dynasty builds following for the for the 2052 presidential election


QUID HAS HEARD that blaming the opposition is never a bad move in American politics. But in the new Aurora-free 7th Congressional District, Republican candidate Don Yetterberg seems to have taken the measure to new heights. In a radio spot airing occasionally in those always-lovely fever swamps of conservative talk radio, Yetterberg blames incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter for everything. Literally. After rattling a few specifics, such as immigration problems, the price of gas and windy days, the JeffCo Tea Partier tells listeners that Prelmutter and the Dems are to blame for anything and everything wrong in the world. It’s a refreshing move, and Quid likes where this is going. Having failed to mow the lawn, wash a dish or do much of note of late, Quid likes having someone to blame for those troubles. So get to it, Perlmutter and the Democrats. Quid’s shack ain’t fixing itself.

clintonAND QUID HAS HEARD that some Libertarian-backed group caught heat this week when their robo-calls accidentally had phones ringing in the middle of the night. The calls, which attacked Sen. Mark Udall, hit local telephones well past even Quid’s “bottle-and-remote-slip-from-my-hands-bed-time.” The group behind the move said it was a programming error, but Quid isn’t buying it. If this were a goofy late night ad from the Temperance Party, Quid would be inclined to accept that it was a mistake. Tea-totalers always make it to bed at a reasonable hour. But the Libertarians? Quid has a hunch they were out late doing bong rips and twirling their pistols while rocking the finest in tin-foil head wear fashion and accidentally butt-dialed. Besides, what kind of Libertarian let’s the government-run construct of daylight-savings time harsh their buzz?

AND QUID HEARD that at Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign stop in Aurora, someone — who was probably rocking a “Hillary in 2016 and 2020 and 2024 and oh-gosh-just-forever-she-is-the-best” T-shirt — shouted “Charlotte for President!” That would be Clinton’s granddaughter, Charlotte, who is barely a month old. The shout met joyous applause from the Clinton faithful. Even if your resume consists of filling diapers, drooling and wailing at the top of your tiny lungs, if you have a few ounces of Clinton blood, you can probably score a few votes. Quid can’t help but think Bill’s doofus brother, Roger, might still have a shot, too.