QUIDNUNC: Aurora cops fail to endear with Trump endorsement


QUID HAS HEARD that Aurora no longer fears being shot by a rogue local cop. After this week, the city worries that police will aim for and hit their other foot. Seems the local men and women in blue hit a bullseye in the pedal flatus when their union decided to endorse The Donald Trump for president. Bang. Rather than immediately prompting a stampede of happy-with-Hillary types to post Trump signs in the front yard, it seems the endorsement has prompted a backlash against the keepers of the law. Your faithful hack was aghast, just aghast, I say, at the quantity and quality of are-you-freaking-kidding-me quips on this rag’s website and Facebook page.  While Aurora has exuded a bastion of good will toward its badged-in-blue, the prevailing sentiment this week was, call a firefighter if you’re in trouble in Aurora. The flap prompted better-paid heads at HQ to issue a statement that not every cop belongs to the Aurora Police Association union, and the union doesn’t speak for the department. Even the union types pointed out it was just the brotherhood board that took it upon themselves to make the presidential endorsement, the first time anyone can remember, and that the vote wasn’t unanimous. Your lowly scribe can’t help but wonder why the nation’s labor unions’ public enemy No. 1 would warrant a vote of confidence from a local guild that bargains as hard for wages and vacation time as any union in the country. Quid predicts the presidential election will end long before the controversy over this endorsement does.

AND QUID HAS HEARD disgraced Aurora Public Schools board member Eric Nelson won’t quit the board after being labeled a fraud, but he’s ditching the meetings he doesn’t want to give up. Nelson was discovered to be a scoundrel who made up all kinds of resume and military records, outed by the local media and a $19,000 investigation paid for by the school district. Despite being asked to skulk away in July, Nelson has refused to quit and nobody in the school district wants to bother with a messy recall election. And after digging in and demanding he be able to retain his seat, Nelson has become a school-board dropout. Your soulless hack can’t help but wonder why in a city where everybody says that schools and children and bake sales are the most important thing in the world, that not even one person who loves cakewalks and an important job that pays absolutely nothing will step forward and offer to recall Nelson and take his place.