QUID HAS HEARD that while The New York Times thought this week was a good time to be David Bowie, it’s definitely not a great week for former Aurora councilman, he of the two previous failed bids for Congress. His current bid — for the GOP mantle in this November’s showdown with Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet — has failed to scare away further entrants into the race. While Mr. Imperfect Attendance certainly appeals to a different electoral crowd than Tea Party favorite Tim Neville, his announced candidacy should have been enough to scare away other semi-moderate Republicans with a mix of military and public service bona fides from jumping into the political pool, cannonballed-haunches first. Alas, it would seem that enough monied GOP backers aren’t convinced Frazier is the one to woo all of the Kyle Dyer Moms and Drew Soicher Dads of Colorado. Enter soon-to-be-former state Rep. Jon Keyser: Combat veteran, former oil-and-gas roughneck and actual politician who has won a race beyond the municipal level. He’s everything most Republican voters are looking for short of his own YouTube church channel, Confederate flag mudflaps on his pickup, or an authentic “I Invaded Federal Land & All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” in a size L. Perhaps sensing his chances slipping away with Keyser’s announcement earlier this week, Frazier took to Twitter to ask the digital citizens in this Monday tweet: “What’s important to you in a U.S. Senator? #FrazierforColorado #USSenate” As of this writing, it’s gotten a series of responses from someone begging him to “beat Bennet OR Coffman” (Quid’s not sure if they meant Mike or Cynthia) and one ‘Like’ — from his own account. Ground control to Ryan Frazier: You may have already struck out with the young Americans.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the Capitol Carnival is back in town: Your state lawmakers are generally assembled for doing the public’s work for yet another legislative session. And while Quid was trolling around on Twitter for the latest on the frazzled Frazier campaign, there was a note from some twit who lamented that former Postie political reporting guru Lynn Bartels was *still* tweeting up a storm from opening day despite having departed from her journalist gig and now being a taxpayer-paid flack for Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Such a dumb and wrong opinion must not pass without a thorough scolding. So here it is: Holy mackerel, that was a dumb thing to say. It wouldn’t be opening day at the Capitol without Lynn Bartels, regardless of whether she’s got her reporter’s cap on or sitting in as the guest of the Senate Minority Leader.