QUID NUNC: A Trump-tastrophe for Mike Coffman, fellow Colorado GOP


QuidBadge5.16.12QUID HAS HEARD that the GOP party faithful here are worried whether Donald Trump as their party’s presidential nominee will dump a bucket of Goldwater on Republican candidates down the ticket. They’re hoping the country isn’t going to party like it’s 1964, when the famous Arizona senator practically single-handedly handed complete control of the government over to the Democrats. For those of us who remember the “Daisy” ad what seemed like crazy talk back then, Quid speaks for most of those saying to the Trump, “Donald, you’re no Barry Goldwater.” But Republican electeds all over the state, once whimsical about Making America something something something are now worried that if Trump snags the nomination, an anti-Trump electorate could trample anything that ends in -R, including a Colorado Senator, Congressman Mike Coffman and possibly Congressman Ken Buck. For now, it’s all talk about the salvation of a contested convention, which was much more confident before the Florida-week primaries.

AND QUID HAS HEARD bad boy Aurora City Councilman Charlie Richardson is just getting badder. Seems the lawyer-cum-lawmaker was thumping a housing developer this week for this, that and the other thing. The other thing, prompted by Ward II’s Renie Peterson, was how a tree on the developer’s site mysteriously got chopped down after it was revealed that it might contain a raptor’s nest and might have stymied the project had the winged former residents returned later this spring. After hearing some quaint developer song and dance, Richardson blurted out, “I’m putting you on notice. I will do everything legally within my authority to make your corporate life miserable like you’ve never seen it before if you screw up this project.” A little friendly extortion never hurt anyone that wasn’t sued for it. Quid rests a building case that Charlie will be the go-to guy for controversy in the foreseeable future.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that you will continue to see red over the city green-lighting another year of its red-light-camera cash co-op ahead of anything the state legislature might do. Seems you hate those robo-cash-cameras that the city says help make us all safer. Quid hates them. State lawmakers hate them. Too bad. The city council that sees nothing wrong with allowing folks to openly carry guns thinks we’ll all die if they can’t collect a hundred bucks for snapping your picture in the orange light