QUID NUNC: Won’t someone stop GOP-on-GOP violence in Colorado?


QuidBadge5.16.12QUID HAS HEARD that it’s negotiation time at City Hall, with Aurora’s police union coming to the table with the city’s contract talkers to hammer out a new agreement. How does Quid know this? For starters, it’s no secret. But even if you had no clue about the goings-on behind closed doors, the fact that Aurora’s Finest are starting to come before City Council and bemoan the slow pace of hiring for more boys and gals in blue should tip you off. Define “cognitive dissonance” — your friendly local law enforcers up in arms about not having enough resources while the city’s marketing chiefs continue to tout being Colorado’s safest large city. Rest assured, the police union will be looking for some sort of victory in this round of talks after suffering a particularly ignominious defeat last year — after throwing their political weight behind trying to get At-Large Councilman Bob LeGare kicked off the dais only to see him easily secure another four-year term. Quid can’t fault them at all for feeling blue.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that it’s not the best of times for just about anyone who’s ever worn a uniform, especially if that anyone is former state Rep. Jon Keyser. The ever-so-briefly-there statehouse newbie looking to be promoted to the U.S. Senate has been under fire from some of his fellow Republicans for pushing his military service in his campaign for the GOP mantle, not that any every military veteran from any side of the aisle hasn’t done exactly the same thing. Even newly christened GOP wunderkind Darryl Glenn — a veteran himself — has said that it’s not about your platoon but your politics. The intraparty sniping — befuddling as it is for a party that has prided itself as being the last line between America being run by hippie-dippie, wannabe-commie progressives like Bernie Sanders — was enough for Marshall Zelinger of Denver’s 7News to press for comment. He insisted Colorado’s top soldiers-turned-politicos talk about selling themselves to voters with pics snapped of them in their fatigues. Quid is proud of our fighting men and women, especially the ones who know their order quickly down at Bender’s and don’t hold up the line. For the Colorado GOP to be tearing itself apart over whose patriotic duty was patriotic-est just wreaks of John McCain-hatin’, “I like people who weren’t captured” idiocy of the heralded Donald Trump. So if you’re out and about this weekend, hug a Republican and thank them for their continued service to a party divided against itself.