QUID NUNC: Border war over buds with Wyoming ahead of Colorado caucus commotion


QuidBadge5.16.12QUID HAS HEARD that Wyomin’ just can’t get out of the weed. Seems that our cowboy neighbors to the north have been gnashing their teeth about the smoke in Colorado for years now. While much of the West seems ready to fall for Mary Jane all around, Wyoming lawmakers have dug in their boot heels on legalizing dope for medical or funner ‘n hell use by that’s state’s 584,153 wind-slapped residents. Well, some lawmakers. There are those who point out that there have been more than a few folks in the Great State of Equal Rights that have partaken over the past several decades. They point out that as the world and states around them smoke ‘em cause they got ‘em, lawmakers trying to stay the course of reefer madness are acting like they’re high. Chances are better every day that everyone is going to “catch their own kids, or your grandkids” trying out some awesome chocolate chip cookies or a little vape ‘n gape. And are they going to “treat them like felons?” Seems much of the state is happy to take a day trip to increasingly Colorful Colorado for goodies, which a Wyoming judge says isn’t actually illegal because state law defines pot as the five-leafed plant we have all learned of late to love so much. The struggle for Wyoming’s right to party sallies forth. In the meantime, look for sweet deals for Wyoming folks willing to make the drive over the border to find out for themselves why Colorado has always been the highest state in lower 48 (Mt. Whitney cheats).

AND QUID HAS HEARD that it’s time to get this Colorado caucus party started. Look for political star sightings across the state in the next several days as this notorious swing state comes into play. Already, Republicans and Democrats alike are marshaling fellow electeds to say kind things. Yawn. Hillary got Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards to make the rounds through Aurora last week. Huh. Bill Clinton has practically moved into the state and is nearly certain to be hanging around soon. Cool. Since Trump is his own celebrity, don’t look for anything different there. Quid wonders who Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz might persuade to stop by and rally the troops since everybody over there already hates each other. Check out this the website for this fine rag each day to see where you might be able to snag a selfie with Palin or marvel at which cartoon character really does look like your least favorite presidential pick.