QUIDNUNC: $50K a year Airbnb houses means Aurora has quit sucking


QUID HAS HEARD that the campaign to persuade the world near and far that Aurora doesn’t suck nearly as bad as most people think, and Commerce City actually does, aka Aurora: Worth Discovering, are missing the mark on propaganda they use to twist some arms and minds. While the campaigners tout Aurora’s plethora of street lights and numerous paved roads, they could be touting real proof that Denver’s step-sister city has arrived. City hoo-haws revealed that people illegally renting out their homes via AirBnB sites are collecting upwards of $50,000 a year. That’s right, Arvada suckers, A-Town cribs are rocking the Rocky Mountains big time — at least until sniffy city lawmakers decide to protect our fine ‘hoods from rich renters and shut the industry down.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that there is no stubborn like Eric Nelson stubborn. Seems the happy-go-plucky Aurora Public Schools board member just keeps right on keeping on the school board, even though folks there have done everything in their power to throw him off, out and about. Nelson was publicly shamed a few weeks ago when the school board ordered an investigation into Nelson’s biography, discovering that much of his once-touted education and military credentials and honors were all a hoax. Just as he was about to be thrown over a cliff, Nelson, who is black, tried to bargain with one school board member by saying he would step down if they appointed another minority board director. So he’s been attending school board meetings since then, lamented by fellow school board members who say there is nothing they can do. So far, nobody has stepped forward to offer to start a recall election and maybe even take his glamorous, rewarding job, which pays absolutely nothing. While making his presence known this week at the school board confab, fellow boardsters began sniping at Nelson’s feigned surprise that they pretty much hate his guts, and even more so that he won’t just go away. The mess is an a perfect illustration of how weird American politics has become. Rather than bore America with that once-tried and true desire to serve, politics these days  allow everyone to create and live out their own reality and even get sore when critics have the audacity to insist on the truth.

AND QUID HAS HEARD the sounds of giant burritos sucking giant air at Chipotle. Seems the Colorado creation can’t reclaim its pre-gastrastophe from last year and has offered everything from discount to free to win customers back. Quid suggests free shots of Colorado tequila and anything under 5K calories and $2. You’re welcome.