Quidnunc, the city’s most loathed hack is back, Aurora.

Quid has a new spot in the paper and an old mission: giving loyal Sentinel readers and minions the real news they want, dread and crave.

With government wags certifying that the pandemic has faded into non-emergency status, Quid believes it’s now safe to come out of hibernation and start mingling. Back with an earful, allow Quid to offer you this week’s fresh eye rolls:

QUID HAS HEARD that a new phrase has been coined in honor of Aurora’s very own city council: civility disobedience. That’s what happens when a group or organization despises each other so much and is so determined to squabble that they will bicker even during efforts to stop the sparring. Seems that council nabobs attending the April 29 Saturday marathon council retreat were asked to participate in a “make nice” team building exercise created to bring some semblance of civility to a group that excels at regularly slandering each other.”How long is this going to take?” Councilperson Danielle Jurinsky, the panel’s top disparager, huffed as Councilperson Curtis Gardner cajoled the group into trying to tolerate each other for a short while. It took little time, Quid has been told, for Jurinsky to bolt from the effort, “I have real work to do,” along with Mayor Mike Coffman, sources tell your faithful hack. While Jurinsky’s lament went out of earshot, the rest of the city’s finest, sans two, could hear Coffman loudly grunting out push-ups nearby, an unnerving tumult that apparently echoes occasionally through city hall.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the days of yore when Aurora’s mayor practically picked fist fights with hizzoner of Denver are long gone. Bad blood between former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb and then Aurora Mayor Paul Tauer was a source of endless headlines in this rag and others for years. Rest assured, Tauer did not lament the end of Webb’s role as mayor, and Webb never sent roses when Tauer ran out of years to bang the local gavel. That was then. Now, Mayor Mike Coffman honored hizzoner of Denver Michael Hancock, as he prepares to hand over the keys to that city next month. “Whereas Mayor Hancock collaborated with the city of Aurora and fellow metro area elected officials on many issues of shared importance, including public safety, homelessness and housing, equity and economic development,” Coffman proclaimed Monday night.  Quid is eager to meet the Mayor Hancock Coffman honored, having only observed what must have been the evil twin all these years. It was apparently that Mayor Hancock who pushed to pour billions of state highway money into an elevated I-70 debacle that turned every other town’s highway dollars into Denver’s elevated soccer park. It was clearly the other Hancock who violated the already violated DIA deal by arranging the surrounding Aerotropolis plan to widely benefit Denver and not the surrounding counties and cities who were guaranteed the trickle-down airport goodies. It was the other Hancock who stood behind efforts to harass that city’s homeless campers and send them scattering to Aurora and other nearby suburbs. It was the other Hancock who sneaked off to Texas for some fun time, snubbing a bevy rules, while the good Hancock stayed behind to “strongly” lead Denverites with “hope and determination.” And your faithful affiant is unclear which Mayor Hancock shrunk away from Aurora’s battle when Colorado Springs tycoon Phil Anschutz and others sued Aurora to try and prevent them from winning the Gaylord of the Rockies pact. Denver Mayor Regionalism became a pawn of Downtown Denver hoteliers’ effort to squelch the Gaylord deal. Apparently, recent Aurora politicos have short or ill-equipped memories. Rest assured, most of city hall and yours truly do not.

And that’s all the news that fits. 

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  1. isn’t Jurinksy the one who refused any team bonding activities or efforts? Coffman’s only strong ability is to spread hate and divisiveness around whatever he does.

  2. I knew and predicted Quidnunc would be back in time for the local elections. It now gives the Sentinel Blog not only an editorial platform but a column to just gossip and spread anything they might want to say, including lies.

    Trying to “team build” with the four socialists on City Council is an absolute exercise in futility. Danielle gets this. Curtis doesn’t quite get it yet, if indeed, this was his plan.

    Curtis you will not get the North Aurora, nor the socialist, nor the neo immigrant voters no matter what. Focus on all others if you want to be re-elected. Focus on what Danielle and Dustin did last time.

    This appears to be the “send-off” of the November election cycle. Thanks, Quid for kick starting it.

    A bigger thanks to you Ms. Lawson for running in Ward V, our Ward. I believe our lesbian, socialist Coombs knew she couldn’t fool the Ward V voters again. Now she thinks she can win an at-large seat.

    It is very important for Aurora’s future that we eliminate the Socialist Coombs and Marcano from holding office in this election and every election after this. They are the ones that want to split the City and create confusion and bring about a socialist way of life that eliminates capitalism and takes from those that have assets and give it to those who will not work to have their own assets.

    1. You’re spot on, Mr. Moore. Expect unfounded and unwarranted rumormongering from Quid (nee Dave Perry) directed at every non-leftist on the city council, surreptitiously fed to him by these very leftists at the table. Beware of Jurinsky, however, as she doesn’t seem to take it lying down.

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