Quidnunc, who gets his name from the Latin “what now,” brings you news overheard in elevators, restrooms and spied in various e-mail boxes.

QUID HAS HEARD that nothing is ever really new and nothing is ever wasted out here in the third biggest little city in Colorado. Which, dear reader, is on its way to  becoming the biggest damn city in the whole state. Seems that Aurora will maybe some day be host to — cue Imperial Margarine horns toot here — The Aurora Highlands. Although this massive community would be out on the prairie-dog ridden plains, way out beyond Denver’s way-out there airport, it qualifies as highlands because deep-pocket developers say so, and they’re talking adding enough houses to bring in another 60,000 or so people to the city that can and will. Since Denver is landlocked and stupid expensive, and Colorado Springs is, well, Colorado Springs, Aurora’s wealth of water, wide-open spaces and growing marketing budget make it clear that — cue even louder Imperial Margarine horns toot here — Aurora will become Colorado’s largest city. Your faithful hack and despised enemy of the people is pleased to let you know that every time you say that Aurora is Colorado’s largest city, Wellington Web and Federico Peña cough, and Michael Hancock has to sit down. As to everything old in the entire world, including right here, is new again, your faithful hack clearly remembers another oasis of big-ass houses and plenty of them out that way. Not so long ago, the Aussie Lend Lease combobulation announced they would be pushing A-Town into the population stratosphere with the development of Horizon Uptown at or near the same prairie-dog ridden highlands. Perhaps a few of you will recall the giant “H” alongside I-70, designating where “X” would normally mark the spot. Such a free and valuable item of merchandising can’t possibly have been overlooked by Brand B, and possibly explains why, with so many competing highlands in a region that really has none, that name was picked. A little paint, some new spotlights and Quid can hear the coughing from here.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that Mike’s not here, for those who think he would be. Congressman Mike Coffman, who as not in Aurora for his tele-town meeting that wasn’t in Aurora, announced that he would hold a town meeting on the phone March 15. You missed it. The phone was in Washington DC with Coffman. This is all important because Coffman, like many picked on Republicans these days, has been under fire from Dems for not holding enough town meetings, or sneaking out  them. Coffman says live and in person comes in April, but in the mean time, he held a town meeting to talk about Obamacare and other pleasant topics on the phone, which wasn’t at his Aurora office. So don’t protest there, where he is not.