PERRY: With the end in sight for Trump, the US is nearly blinded by the trite


The president of the United States moved to save the nation from economic ruin in the middle of a catastrophic pandemic as Congress bickered over partisan semantics.


The collective response  was underwhelming from elected leaders and the nation to President Donald Trump’s attempt at an end run on a Congress squabbling over massive amounts of government money needed to keep the country solvent. Last week, from his nouveau riche New Jersey golf club, Trump announced that he would usurp the U.S. Constitution by assuming the powers of Congress to create budget policy, rather than approve it.

It was nothing more than another illegal, wanton attempt to improve his flailing poll numbers, which make it perfectly clear that even Hillary would win in an electoral college landslide these days over a Trump re-election.

After nearly four years of prolific, astounding lies, the nation has finally wised up to Trump’s dangerous game.

His deception and corruption has made him irrelevant. His incompetence, however, has made him a dangerous nuisance.

Tough talk over building a wall along the Mexican border and forcing Muslims to the back of the line appealed to many Trump fans. They may not have understood the nuances of what Trump was trying to do, but they understood that brown foreigners made them nervous and unhappy. People like that are pleased to tune into Fox News nightly and find out each evening that it’s just going to take Trump more time to rid the nation of minorities in their McDonald’s, their schools and their government.

But those who don’t care about how prolific brown people are in America, or don’t care as much as Trump and his rock-solid base, are now so done with this president that when he says he’s going to single-handedly mail out unemployment checks during the worst economic calamity in U.S. history and give everyone tax breaks and pause student loan payments, nobody pays a whit of attention.

Without doing anything but being Trump, he has handed the election to anyone but himself.

What destroyed Trump’s hopes of re-election was the fact that a majority of Americans can understand the reality and science of the pandemic crisis. And these same Americans can see just as easily that Trump can’t.

Despite what Trump very publicly and very repeatedly says, the COVID-19 pandemic is dangerous, it is widespread, it has overtaken the nation, it is killing huge numbers of Americans, there is no cure or treatment and a vaccine is many months, if not years, off, and it may not even work.

Trump’s lying and incompetence have grown so visible and dangerous that even  Twitter and Facebook had to take action on his bogus claims that children are virtually immune to the new coronavirus. It’s such a deadly lie, that all of us who tell Americans what asinine thing Trump has done now must dedicate space right here to say, it is absolutely and indisputably a lie. Children do contract and spread the virus. They get sick from it and some even die from it.

The more his critics push against Trump’s ghastly deceptions and gaffes, and the more Republicans like Sen. Cory Gardner ignore them, and the more dangerous the president and the world become.

The only thing worse than suffering Trump as president, is suffering though his desperation as the clock runs out on his failed term in office.

Pity America as Trump embraces the playbook of the many dictators he’s fawned over and now assumes the role of the goon.

In addition to ransacking the environment and healthcare system, in the middle of a pandemic, Trump is now inserting federal police in big cities with big protester problems. The distractions are coming so fast and furious now that even Trump’s most faithful sycophants, chief among them, Colorado GOP congressmen Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn, just hit the high notes of tap-dancing over Trump’s meddling and mendacity.

“In recent weeks there has been a radical movement to defund, dismantle and dissolve our police department,” Trump said at a White House event.  This bloodshed must end. This bloodshed will end.”

Americans have had enough, finally. Vice-President Joe Biden has unwrapped the last interesting part of his presidential campaign, tabbing Sen. Kamala Harris as our next veep.

The truth, now, is that Trump has systematically for the past four years radically worked to “dismantle and dissolve” his presidency, and American decency, integrity, civility and mastery right along with it.

This bullshit must end. This bullshit will end — Nov. 3.

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