PERRY: Trump turns into the real deal and issues an impeachment dictum just like a dictator


President Donald Trump on Wednesday moved from just talking like a dictator to actually acting like one. 

In one of the most astonishing things his administration has done — and that’s really saying something — he notified the House of Representative that he considers his authority as president supreme. He will now dictate the law, rather than administer and abide by it.

He did this knowing that so much of America is looking the other way, because so many Trump-fatigued Americans now do that. 

Even a growing number of brave and clearly unnerved Trump toadies in congress stipulate that the U.S. Constitution is unequivocal in that the House of Representatives has complete and unfettered control of how it handles the impeachment of a president.

And that’s exactly what it’s doing now. The House is preparing to impeach Trump.

Trump has fired back not only with his usual arsenal of bombastic tweets and lies, but he’s issued an official dictum informing Americans he no longer recognizes the constitutionally equal authority of the Congress. This goes way beyond just stealing a few billion dollars for his scam wall on the Mexican border. He’s signaled that even if the House does impeach him, he’ll dismiss it as meaningless.

Trump has suddenly gone beyond talking like the ruthless dictators he publicly fawns over and colludes with. Now he’s acting like them.

You don’t have to be one of the hundreds of million of Americans who now see what a grisly mistake it was to give Trump a government job to see where this is going.

It will be nightmarish but not surprising that should the Senate convict Trump and remove him from office, he won’t go.

Of course the House will impeach Trump. He now blatantly and publicly flaunts the law and constitution and rationalizes it to Americans. He argues that he should be able to enlist foreign government aid against his political foes.

Trump once depended on the aid of complicit Republicans in the House and especially the Senate.

Shortsighted Republicans who think they can cling to power on the coattails of this sinister criminal will find friends neither in Trump nor the voters who have now clearly had enough.

A Fox News poll released Wednesday shows that a growing majority of Americans now favor not just impeaching Trump, but removing him from office. 

Even Trump-weary Americans easily see through the antics of Republicans who now warily defend Trump’s patently unlawful scams. These are Republicans who believe they can pretend to support Trump until the threat of a primary challenge has passed next year. Then they will pretend to take Trump to task in hopes of fending off Democratic and unaffiliated voters who are onto the scheme. 

Republicans, such as Colorado’s Sen. Cory Gardener and representatives Doug Lamborn, Scott Tipton and Ken Buck, are now complicit with the rogue and criminal president.  

President Trump is the nation’s armed robber. Gardner is driving the getaway car.

Each one of them know that Trump has crossed a new and dangerous line in informing Congress that the his presidential power is supreme.

History is thick with how fate plays out for those who ally themselves with tyrants, fascists and dictators. Americans will have no sympathy for what Gardner and other Republicans in congress are about to inflict upon themselves if they continue to aid Trump in his gangster presidency.

The House of Representatives must act swiftly in making its case of how Trump used his office to coerce foreign governments to act against his political challengers. The already undeniable and admitted evidence of that, as well as obstruction and a cover-up are convincing.

Once impeached, the Senate must just as swiftly convict and remove Trump from office.

Given Trump’s recent unveiling as a dictator, every member of Congress has to plan for what they’ll do if Trump says he won’t go.

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