PERRY: Trump trumps Trump with the sickest show of his failed presidency — vote him out


Only because Americans have been subjected to President Donald Trump’s endless theatrics for four years did Monday night’s demented apogee seem like just another day at the Trump White House.

It was not.

For the past few days, Trump’s wanton disregard for the dangers of the novel coronavirus — and the lives of those he touches directly and indirectly — has played out in the media as a surreal melodrama. Trump has starred as the ultimate villain.

He and his White House have not only bungled the national response to the pandemic, but even with endless resources, he and his accomplices have created a literal hot-spot of contamination inside the White House and beyond.

In just a few short days, Trump has sullied the reputation of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, compelling a platoon of doctors to admittedly lie for him and about him.

Trump’s reputation for incessant lying, a disease shared by his public advisors, have created a crisis within a crisis. Not only is the president infected with a lethal virus, Americans, and Congress, have no idea of his true condition because neither he nor anyone near him can be counted on to tell the truth.

Trump and his staff have flagrantly disregarded the best pandemic prevention practices that his own medical advisers have repeatedly insisted on for months. In doing so, Trump has endangered the lives not only of those who have actively sought out his favor as hired accomplices, but innocents at the White House and in the media who have little choice to but to accommodate the lethal whims of a deranged, flailing political dud.

Capping his command performance as the misunderstood dictator, he flagrantly endangered his Secret Service detail with a darkly comical SUV spin around the block, underscoring his vast disregard for not only the lives of those forced to serve him, but his own life.

The outlandish spectacle paled when Trump and his staff contrived the president’s Monday night return to the scene of the crime via an Air Force helicopter.  There, Trump gasped for air and credibility on the steps of the White House in an ostentatious debacle that summarized everything he and his presidency have been about: showmanship over leadership. Pageantry over presidency. Deception over honesty.

Maskless and ill, Trump forever branded himself as the fraud he is, dramatically ripping his mask from the very orifices he has used to endanger those around him with virus and a nation with his lies and nonsense.

Worse, he took to his Twitter account with a video instructing Americans to disregard caution about the virus, telling Americans not to fear it because the fabulously expensive and rare medical treatment he received will save the nation. He spat his viral-phlegm into the faces of every American killed, sickened or financially ruined by the pandemic.

If there is a more vile, irresponsible and repugnant elected American, I’m at a loss to name them.

The nation offered Trump unearned sympathy in a show of uniquely American dignity and grace as they learned of his self-inflicted disaster. In response, he cashed in any remaining credibility and humanity he clung to for a few moments repulsive stagecraft.

It’s time for voters to bring down the curtain on the saddest, sickest show ever to play out on the American stage. Vote him out.

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