PERRY: Trump invokes crimes against humanity with threats to ship immigrants to ‘sanctuary cities’ — but send us some


No one can push the limits of believability like President Donald Trump.

As much as Americans have come to doubt nothing attributed to a Trump tweet, an extemporanus or a fan clubbing, there seemed to be no way, recently, that the Trump White House actually threatened to load so-called sanctuary cities with illegal immigrants as a sordid revenge plot.

Aghast comments started out with something like, “Not even Trump would sink so low or be so stupid as to…”

Hell yes he would.

And when the White House tried to tap dance around this jaw-dropping mountain of malice by saying, “Well, we wouldn’t actually…” Trump interrupted with another tweet that only Trump could surprise anyone with.

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only…”

What kind of a dictator would use humans as pawns in what he sees as a political game?

You know who.

This, however, is not just another chapter of things that go Trump in the night. Trump has raised his level of assininity to war-crimes levels now.

He wrongly believes that refugees and immigrants are nefarious criminal types who lie, cheat, steal and subvert the law.

Those would be his sordid cabinet members, campaign associates and family members.

Seriously, whom would you rather invite into your home with your family for a month? Roger Stone or a woman who walked hundreds of miles for a job cleaning motel rooms? Whom would you trust to walk your kids home from school, a man who sneaked into the country to work three jobs a day or Betsy DeVos? Whom would you trust to watch over the kids in the swimming pool, a teenager who risked his life to escape Guatemalan gangs or Stephen Miller?

I don’t know anyone repulsed by Trump’s immigrant emesis who wants “open borders,” the fear-mongering threat he and his trolling ilk constantly throw out, Almost everyone I know has clamored for some kind of Gang Of Eight comprehensive reform package for decades.

But you don’t have to be anything more than a casual and totally fed-up Trump observer to see how he and his congressional lickspittle work endlessly to demonize immigrants, especially those undocumented and refugees.

Anyone who lives in Aurora can testify that the only measurable thing that sets immigrants apart from residents who were born here is some of the groceries they buy and sometimes the language they speak at home.

They famously work as hard or harder at one or more jobs than the unknowingly privileged set of people born and raised here.

It’s inaccurate to say that immigrants are like us. They are us.

And anyone in Aurora can tell you the only difference between immigrants who are here legally and illegally is — nothing. Except in the eyes of Trump and his toadies and followers, everyone who lives in Aurora is just like everyone else.

Police and city officials wisely want to keep it that way. By marking undocumented immigrants with a scarlet “U,” we mark them for extortion and crime. We drive them underground and make their lives and our own dangerous and dystopian.

And clearly, we now mark them for collection to future Trump Camps for disposal into “sanctuary cities.”

And I thought a man who constantly lies, perpetuates racist tropes, and runs the U.S. government like a fizzled reality show couldn’t possibly do anything worse than what he’s already ingratiated himself with in two short years.

Bring it, Mr. President. Send Aurora the world’s tired and hungry. There’s a place for them here.

Just don’t send anyone from your family, your administration or the cesspool of those in Congress too cowardly to stand up to your vile and racist bullying. We already have a problem with prison and jail overcrowding.

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