PERRY: The truth is, 2019 was a year of menacing mendacity


This was the year the wheels came off.

After Aurora police, state lawmakers, Congress and President Trump careened through months of nail-biting insanity, 2019 saw people and institutions crash and burn in the waning weeks of the year.

It was a complete surprise that the venerable Aurora Police department would unravel its hard-earned credibility by creating one scandal after another for itself as the year wore on.

The department’s now-obliterated public trust has been eroding for a few years as police stumbled through a bevy of incidents where good guys and bad guys ended up dead, injured or accosted when they interacted with Aurora cops. But the summer of 2019 brought an onslaught of obvious wrongs committed by a variety of Aurora police cops and officials. Police Chief Nick Metz, and a cadre of Aurora Police and Arapahoe County investigators, have gone out of their way to bungle argument after argument that police have done nothing wrong.

While the actions of police may have been justified, Aurora police and its judicial districts have abused the spirit and the letter of open records laws. They’ve been caught creating live propaganda, as well as misleading, outlandish mock-u-mentaries in an effort to dramatize the wrong that ops keep saying they didn’t do.

Police credibility, tattered by back-to-back inexplicable scandals and disastrous bunker mentality, imploded this month when it was revealed earlier this year a cop had to be hauled out of his police car from the middle of a busy road because he was passed out drunk.

What smelled like a cop-hush began to reek like a bungled cover-up. Last week police unrolled contradictory stories and police body cam video. They gave out a saga so full of holes it prompted Aurora’s notoriously restrained city manager to ask a retired U.S. attorney to lead an internal investigation into the scandal.

“It can’t get any worse,” is something one shouldn’t say out loud about Aurora police these days.

The worst of the worst, however, came from Washington D.C. this year. If any one thing sums up 2019, it’s that this is the year of the outlandish lie. Fact checking from every reputable media source in the country could no longer keep up with fabrications spewing from President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed and mouth. Astonishingly, the more Trump lies, the more Fox News and congressional Republicans ignored it. Surf to, the New York Times, Washington Post, Denver Post, just about any real newspaper and type in “Trump fact check” or “Trump False Claims.” At The Sentinel, there are dozens of stories focusing on Trump’s myriad deceptions, including almost daily, lengthy fact checks from the Associated Press. It’s the same for just about any American newspaper or TV source.

Not Fox News. There are no Trump fact checks. The only stories about “Trump” and “False Claims” are about allegations that Trump’s critics make false claims about Trump.

Say what you want about Trump’s policies, the man is a proven and prolific liar.

No this does get worse, and far more dangerous. More alarming than the scary fact that Trump’s GOP allies quit politely shaking their heads over Trump’s malevolent mendacity, is the fact that endless Republicans have taken up lying habit themselves.

During the Trump Impeachment hearings, a growing list of Republicans purposely repeated known lies about the Ukrainians being responsible for U.S. election interference. The Russian-planted fable is without any merit offered up by any honest person in Washington — even chief Trump sycophant Sen. Lindsey Graham.

In a matter of months, the GOP has become the Party of  Perfidy. The twitter feeds of Colorado congressmen Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn read like staff-meeting notes between Kellyanne Conway and Trump himself. Colorado GOP Sen. Cory Gardner spend most of his time lying to himself. He has chosen to completely ignore and deny the fact that Trump and the GOP are on fire. Going back several weeks in Gardner’s Twitter feed, you’ll find he’s never even mentioned the impeachment of the president of the United States. He’s never even hinted that his constituents want to know about killer tariff’s in Trump’s trade war, about surprise hospital bills that will continue to be a surprise. You wouldn’t even know Trump is president. Global warming? What global warming.

If I could wish anything upon all these people for next year, it would be that they find a way to treat their feverish self-preservation with a healthy dose of veracity.

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