PERRY: Legislators try sticking it to patients with health worker vaccine exemption


Once again, eighth-grade science and Colorado common sense evades the Legislature’s equivalent of double trouble.

Republican State Sen. Vickie Marble and State Rep. Lori Saine, who co-chair the state’s “Seriously?” Caucus, have struck again.

Marble and Saine are sponsoring a bill that would prevent employees such as operating room nurses, hospital custodians, nursing home aids and just about anybody with a job from having to have flu shots or other vaccinations as a condition of employment.


Oh, these two are deadly serious. Each has a long and colorful history of hysterical political punditry.

If you’ve forgotten, Saine, a leading advocate for all things guns-r-us, was caught carrying a loaded piece in her luggage through Denver airport security. She forgot, was her excuse.

Hey, people are busy. With so many things to remember — what day it is, how to drive, standing without falling — who has time to remember you’ve got a loaded heater in your bag? In her defense, Saine did remember her luggage that day and didn’t leave it lying on the floor of a daycare some place.

After years of earning a dubious distinction of being at best, racially insensitive, Saine inflicted a coup de grâce on her odd political life this time last year. In talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and the horror of black lynchings, Saine asserted that blacks didn’t have it any worse than whites because whites were lynched about the same as blacks. She read it somewhere and was compelled to share it with peers and the world. Then she was compelled to keep arguing it.

Being a poor student of history and the American black experience wouldn’t be so offensive if she hadn’t one time brought in a box of Popeye’s fried chicken to the Capitol to protest the treatment her partner in chyme was suffering at the time, Marble.

While Marble has made a name for herself among those who are aghast at how ignorant lawmakers can be about science and important stuff like that, her entry into Colorado’s Hall of Shame still remains the Chicken Incident of 2013.

During a public meeting about the problems of racial disparity, Marble theorized that African American indulgence in fried chicken and greasy ‘cue was a self-inflicted malady.

“Sickle-cell anemia is something that comes up, diabetes is something that’s prevalent in the genetic makeup, and you just can’t help it,” Marble famously said. “Although I’ve got to say, I’ve never had better barbecue and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down South.”

She apparently was talking about somewhere in Dixie and not Pueblo.

Marble, the queen of meaning what she says and not what she means, then lied about the incident to a pack of Scouts, saying the media made it all up.

We didn’t make up a more recent fracas she also created by sniping at a Cub Scout who gave her grief about her stance on allowing domestic violence perps to keep their guns.

What is it with these people and their guns?

I only give you a little history here to keep in perspective what these two are up to this year: supporting the Vax In Nay Shun.

Of course Saine and Marble are in front of the parade of making sure parents don’t have to vaccinate their kids to attend public schools. Recent growing plagues of preventable diseases mean nothing to people who feel like they need guns in their bags to make it to the airport.

But now, Colorado’s terrible two-some is trying to make it so that people who do medicine for a living, and probably pretty questionably, can pass along a deadly flu or measles virus to your baby or granny, along with their stupidity.

Colorado Public Radio’s Andrea Dukakis recently had a great story about her visit to Kaiser Permanente in Arapahoe County, noticing that more than a few medical employees wore surgical masks. When she asked why, an employee told her that if the employee didn’t have current vaccinations, they had to wear masks. And why would a clinic worker, without a medical problem, not be current on vaccinations? Because they’re selfish morons.

Dukakis said when she asked, she was told, “We don’t think flu shots are good for you, so a bunch of us don’t get them.”

Well, nobody defends stupid like Saine and Marble.

Ask anyone who actually did well in college or med school, and they’ll tell you that vaccines are safe and effective. And where would it be more important to protect the innocent herd than where they gather for medical care?


So the rest of the legislature gets to hear from Saine and Marble soon about how wrong the vast majority of the medical profession is and how right — perhaps too far right — they are.

Lawmakers need to mercy kill Senate Bill 85, mercifully fast, before these two are allowed to make yet another name for themselves.

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