PERRY: Only your ballot can finally end the nation’s nightmare

Supporters of President Donald Trump watch a video during a campaign event on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, in Lansing, Mich. (Nicole Hester/ Arbor News via AP)

This is it, folks.

If you’re like me, exhausted by politics, the pandemic, the wildfire smoke, the worry about toilet paper and whatever insect infestation is on the horizon, this is your chance to draw the line.

We really can repeal the new normal, but only if you take the time to make black dots on your ballot and drop it in a ballot box.

Endless lifetimes have sped by during the grueling, last four years as America watched in horror as the Trump Show unfolded.

The problem is, not that many watched closely enough to understand what was happening, and some were sadistically intrigued instead of shocked.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s first official duty was to lie to Americans to cover the one of the first of tens of thousands of deceptions Trump has since told. The Trump Administration began by lying about how many people attended the president’s inauguration.

What seemed like nothing more than a droll flap was actually a portent of the tsunami of lying, cheating, bleating insanity that has overwhelmed all of us for four terrifying years.

The highlights in horror include:

• Trump’s fabulously expensive wall, which Mexico will never pay for.

• The endless manipulation of the nation’s justice and intelligence systems to protect his corruptions and to lash out at his political enemies.

• The damaging and needless trade wars that were a useless substitute for diplomacy.

• The cavalcade of complaints about his sexual assaults and abuses, which he had bragged about on tape before he was elected and paid to try and hide after.

• His fierce attempts to undermine already flagging attempts to roll back the nation’s carbon emissions that threaten our livelihoods and our very lives.

• His endlessly vulgar assaults on minorities and women who rebut his lies and daily word salads that he tries to pass off as policy and legislation.

• His administration not only abused thousands of desperate refugees and immigrants begging for help at the border, he has now lost the ability to reunite hundreds of children his administration separated from their parents months and years ago.

• He has soaked Americans by funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into his personal business, blatantly seeking financial gain from foreign governments who in turn curry favor from Trump.

• He has lied and cheated on his taxes but expects all of us to pay our fair share.

• While bragging to bring “only the best people” to the nation’s capital to run the government, he has paraded a line-up of frequently indicted and convicted criminals, He has employed shameless, proven liars like Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee and now Kayleigh McEnany to spread disinformation in an effort to cover for Trump’s malfeasance, duplicity,and corruption.

• Every day he leads the most un-Christlike life possible, ticking off Catholic teachings as he pretends to be a passionate follower of the Christian faith.

As if any of those, and especially all of those ghastly grievances aren’t enough to remove this freak show from office, there is the Trump coup d’ grace that threatens us more than everything else together: Trump’s Pandemic Pandemonium.

Trump has not just mishandled but actively undermined a scientific and coordinated response to the pandemic in an effort to protect his own sorry political ass.

He has wittingly subjected the nation to mass infection, death, injury and economic ruin because he didn’t want to cause “panic” by being at least partially honest. He passes off his embarrassing pseudo-science as a joke. While much of the nation can say they haven’t yet been directly impacted by Trump’s lies, mendacity, malfeasance, debilitating narcissism, and shameless attacks on immigrants and minorities, every single American can rightfully say they were personally injured by Trump’s political pandemic scheme. Approaching a quarter-million killed by the virus, dying at a rate far greater than any other country on the planet, his administration now says they’ve lost control and would rather Americans just tough it out.

That, folks, is Jenga.

Not even the ruthless Chinese nor Russian governments are willing to publicly say, “so long, suckers.”

So this is it. It’s not enough to just shake your head at all this and hope someone else makes it go away. You have to end the nightmare. You have to take the time to vote out Trump and his blundering support team that has not only facilitated what is arguably the worst thing to ever happen to the nation since the Civil War, but encouraged it. They participate in the disease that has infected the White House.

It’s up to you to vote against Trump and accomplices like congresspersons Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn,  Sen. Cory Gardner and wannabe Trump abettor Lauren Boebert. It’s up to you to call and cajole everyone you know to do the same thing.

Each of you know that the nation, none of us, can take another four years. This, folks, is it.

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