PERRY: McConnell and the GOP evade fear of Trump’s wrath to become vassals for his ‘patriots’

Armed supporters of President Donald Trump pray during a rally to protest against President-elect Joe Biden’s win, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 in Salem, Ore. Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States on Saturday, positioning himself to lead a nation gripped by a historic pandemic and a confluence of economic and social turmoil.(AP Photo/Paula Bronstein)

Don’t disparage Republican Party elected officials, pity them.

Pity wretched cowards like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He once had been railroaded into what looked to be a life sentence of Donald Trump sycophancy. Every day, McConnell, and half of the U.S. Senate, lived in fear of angering a vengeful president.

On Saturday, all that changed. Suddenly, McConnell stood microns away from being liberated from the White House tyrant.

McConnell, and other Republicans, were finally able to rise to the level of a U.S. senator or congressman and respectfully admonish Trump for arguing without merit or evidence that the presidential election results aren’t anything but what they are.

They didn’t. They won’t.

Trump isn’t yanking their choke collars this time. Finally, after four years of terrorizing Republicans in Congress, and much of the rest of the nation, voters took care of the Trump problem Republicans were too afraid to fix. As of Saturday, when vote counting made it clear Vice-President Joe Biden had won the presidency, Trump became just another clown with a Twitter account.

It wasn’t fear of Trump’s wrath and rants that you could clearly see in McConnell’s eyes as he robotically announced Monday that he, too, would not recognize the clearly legitimate and overwhelming election of Biden.

It’s Trump’s base he and other Republicans are afraid of.

Now, McConnell, and fellow GOP senators like Lindsey Graham, Cory Gardner and David Perdue, are so afraid of angering the fearsome militias emboldened and beholden to Trump, that they cower in silence.

It was inevitable.

Even before Trump stumbled into the White House four years ago, McConnell and others began ignoring moderate Republicans. They virtually held the Obama White House hostage with grotesque political contortions and political obstruction. 

During the past four years, McConnell and other Republicans first reveled in the brash world of gun-toting “patriots” Trump drew from the shadows. 

Now, they must faithfully serve and grovel to them or face the fate of Colorado GOP Congressman Scott Tipton. He was ousted by the likes of congressperson-elect Lauren Boebert, who fancies hand-guns on her hips instead of sagacity from her lips.

Republicans now shrink in fear of a rogue minority of American voters who will not accept a world suffering complicated problems and demanding complicated solutions. Trump and his followers only support a government that delivers monosyllabic edicts: “No,” “Yes,” and, “But not you.”

Unless you’re a sociopath like Trump, you have to muster some pity for hundreds of elected officials so afraid of their supporters that they can no longer maneuver in a world of truth, logic and reality.

This week, Republicans became the Party of Alternative Facts.

It’s more than just exasperating. It’s an incalculably dangerous cancer to the nation and the world. 

Reasonable members of Congress and the White House must go beyond “going high when they go low,” as President Barack Obama tried. This is a war on truth and democracy that must be fought with every righteous and practical means.

The lives of millions of Americans is at stake.

Government officials on every level must regularly call out lies and falsehoods perpetuated by these fearful Republican vassals. Democrats and reasonable Republicans cannot allow what happened during the Obama administration to happen here again. The nation expects more and desperately needs more.

The Affordable Care Act must be fixed or scrapped and actually made affordable. The federal government must coordinate plausible ways to manage the pandemic. The nation must lead the world into a plan to address global warming, no matter how complicated and painful it is. But more than anything, Biden and his supporters in Congress must right the foul in the federal government that allows McConnell and his minions to orchestrate a shadow government dictated by Trump’s armed political extremists.

The election was won. The fight for American democracy has just begun.

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