I told a reporter colleague in Pashawar, Pakistan, a few months ago I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to wallow in the chaos of madmen shooting up schools full of kids on a regular basis while the government stood by doing pretty much nothing as massacre after massacre destroyed innocent lives across the nation.

I don’t have to imagine it. We’re living it right here in the United States.


Instead of perverted and gruesome Taliban gunmen, our schools, colleges, theaters and malls are being terrorized by a wide range of equally lethal madmen. This week, the butchery was in Umpqua Community College in rural Roseburg, Oregon. In Peshawar, the people have longed begged for help in defending their children from insane gunmen. And the government there has said it will scrutinize the problem and figure something out. It’s impotent bordering on incompetent and corrupt, being influenced and twisted by a host of selfish interests.

It’s the same thing here, where gun interests push elected officials around with fear, propaganda and money.

In choosing wire photos this morning to accompany a story about the Roseburg shooting — which sounds almost exactly like a long list of recent shootings across the United States — even the gruesome and sad pictures look the same. There’s the president and other elected officials looking sad and angry. There’s the local law enforcement officials looking shocked and angry. There are the tearful friends and families of the dead and wounded. There are the candles in cups at night at the first of what is certain to be a few vigils in the future. Next will come the crosses, the teddy bears, the flowers and placards at a make-shift memorial.

And what comes after that is the sickest part of this tragedy. The gun nuts and the gun-challenged will move in and explain that the government can’t solve this problem. They’ll say that we can’t infringe on the god-given, flag-waving, camo-wrapped, commie-hatin’ right to arm ourselves to the teeth and hope for the best.

This is the best, America. This is as good as it gets. The past few years and hundreds of gun-violence victims have made it perfectly clear that it’s going to get worse. The more of us gunned down, the harder gun-control critics wrapping themselves in the Second Amendment and political extortion fight to keep everything just the way it is. In fact, Groups like Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the NRA are trying desperately to repeal the few, weak gun controls that Colorado has. They don’t want any limit on how many rounds a machine-gun magazine can fire. They don’t want restrictions forcing those who buy guns from private parties to have to pass background checks, the same as they would if they bought a gun at Walmart. And they’re desperate to oust state and local officials who disagree with them and install their own pawns to get the job done.

It’s a different spiel but with the same dismal ending people in Pakistan face. The gun nuts and the politicians scared to death of them here are turning America into third-world chaos. We’re nearly there.

These misled and misleading misfits had the gall to, repeatedly, tell me that gun restrictions and controls would have done nothing to prevent the loss of 12 amazing people and the maiming of another 70 at the Aurora theater shot up by James Holmes on July 20, 2012. These people are lying to themselves and to you by telling you that if Holmes and the Oregon shooter hadn’t been able to easily collect an arsenal of military-like deadly weapons, that they would have killed just as many and just as tragically with machetes or dart guns.

It’s a crazy, tired and sadistic pack of lies that a long list of cowardly politicians from city hall, through the the state Capitol, across to Washington and even the White House perpetuate with the same efficiency and results that cowards in Pakistan spout off to the terrorized citizens there.

They say there’s just nothing the government can really do about it. We’re on our own, and in fact, many suggest that we all arm ourselves, arm teachers, let everyone carry hidden guns and shoot it out when your time comes. They suggest that people such as Roseburg shooter Chris Harper Mercer wouldn’t have gone through with it if he’d thought someone might shoot back. It’s the twisted logic of a third-grader. As if someone crazy enough to shoot up a school is going to be sane enough to worry about return fire.

I would love to say that enough is enough, but clearly it’s not. There are too many Americans that buy the crazy Kool-Aid being poured out in millions of dollars of campaign contributions, propaganda and Facebook memes that want you to believe that guns don’t kill kids, colleges kill kids.

The sad and pathetic sheriff in Roseburg responding to the tragedy was sadistic in saying that he would not say the name of the shooter aloud because he probably wanted that kind of fame. That, folks, is the best he things we can do. Jump on the bandwagon of not naming murders in a well-meaning but meaningless attempt to stop shootings by robbing murderers of notoriety. Mother Jones yesterday revealed that the sheriff had written a typical gunner rant to the White House a couple of years ago, saying he would not enforce gun controls if passed because they don’t do any good. No doubt he’ll stand behind his threats, because that’s the kind of guy he is. His love of what he thinks the Second Amendment means is worth so much more than the kids who died in his hometown and the thousands of others who have or will as we dust ourselves off again and wait for the next nutcase to shoot up a school.

These gun-rights liars will insist this wasn’t a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem. No duh.

Like there has ever been a shortage of crazy people on this planet, across this country or sitting in cushy chairs in Congress. The problem stems from sick and crazy people being able to set themselves up as professional armed terrorists within a few hours and with the blessing of the NRA and their army of political hit men, go anywhere, armed with just about anything, any damned time they please. And they shoot up schools.

I’m all for regular mental health screenings for anyone who wants to buy or already owns a gun. Of course that means you have to register your guns. And you tell me how many of these rabid gunners would actually make it as poster boys for good mental health in America? How rich would that be to see a few thousand of the Second Coming for the Second Amendment lose their gun permits because they aren’t psychologically fit to have access to the arsenal they harbor.

Not going to happen. And so, we can adopt Peshawar, Kabul and Aleppo as sister cities to those like Aurora, Newtown and now Roseburg — places that we once saw as so foreign and now so familiar.

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85 replies on “PERRY: Like Aurora, Roseburg goes third world as latest victim of anti-gun control whacks”

  1. Obama has made the same speech for 7 years, and there have been 44 attacks in schools or gun free zones this year, that you and MSM has not told us. I checked newspaper from up near Roseburg, Or and a student who attended school with this shooter, said he was a quiet, timid person, who was slow to connect with other students, but could liven up and be active, when accepted. Just another guy in class, 26 years old, despised religion, spent much time on computer and digital stuff, and lived in a neighboring town. They also referred to his face book, not sure all entries from him, was from him, but he was contacting dating connections, wanting to meet with some who thought as he did. Though he claimed to be peaceful, his photos were with weapons and he enjoyed the warlike movies and television. Typical teenage and young adults past teenage. However, he wrote that no one knew most young folks, unless they killed, and the more they killed, the more known.
    Father is completely astounded, at what son has done, but is not talking to anyone other than that.
    ——————–Now just what laws would you (Dave) and also Obama believe would make everyone safe? No one so far that I have seen talked of any police or medical problems, or mental problems that anyone knew about. Of course television writers, newspaper writers, and those who post on websites will be quick (overly so) to label him as crazy, insane, and disoriented. Yeah. Like always. Now isn’t the same actions, spoken words, thoughts of doing same thing over and over, by same people , expecting a different result INSANITY?
    So I recommend you not try to buy a weapon, and if you do have someone attack you or break into your home, might not help to call the police. In your case, with your past articles and disdain for police forces, they would insist not only on several warrants signed by judge, before coming to your aid, but insist on that Judge, and several others accompany them, to ensure you got full assistance you are entitled to.
    No policeman wants to lose their badge and gun, and job, because you claimed afterwards, they did not complete their duties, to your complete satisfaction.

  2. Anyone doubting my rant 20minutes ago, I hereby refer you to the Washington Post, for article concerning Multiple casualties have been reported at Umpqua Community College , Roseburg, OR. They have section entitled : ‘portrait of the shooter’. Is that sufficient lead for those of you who have trouble in searching, or browsing the net. What we really need is for some of the old west law policies returned.
    After short break-in period, Wyatt Earp did not have much problem keeping order in a tough cowtown, with cowboys, rustlers, and gunmen. Time for getting rid of respect, and have the bad guys in fear of the law. And that goes for their lawyers and the activists who protect the criminal element, at expense of honest people. ACLU needs to remove the “American” from their icon. They no longer represent me, or my peers, who worked, paid our taxes, and obeyed the laws as we understood them.

    1. Geez. You mean to tell us the ACLU once represented you Frank. Do tell!

      Wyatt Earp that American icon who paid his taxes and obeyed the laws like Frank and his peers. Everyone take a knee!

      1. Doesn’t everybody have mental disorder. If not so far, if you are arrested, you will be declared insane, mentally disturbed, unbalanced, crazy, different, and everyone knew it before, and did nothing. Also, campaign for any position, and watch what they can dig up on you. If you really start thinking of this as I just mentioned, maybe you had better stay in the house, and don’t use your computer for a time (or whatever you write on). They are watching you, you know?

  3. I’ve heard all the arguments made by the anti-gun propagandists. And of the many misguided aspects of their anti-gun rhetoric, the most off-base is this bizarre notion that guns are inherently deadly. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is, guns are only deadly when used for their intended purpose.

    Take the letter I got from a California woman whose 15-year-old son was “killed by a gun” while walking to his after-school job. Now, come on. No one is naïve enough to think that an innocent boy died just because a gun was designed, manufactured, and sold.

    The gun never even came within 10 feet of the kid. The only thing the gun was guilty of was functioning properly.

    My point? No child dies just because there is such a thing as guns. They die because one of these guns is used.

      1. LOL…did you even read the story? he’s talking about anti-gun propagandists…they would be the liberals right?

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      2. Check his profile under user name. Only recently came onto net and his comments are all negative, or at least to my experience. No use replying to him. If the net went down, he would out on sidewalk writing on walls or the sidewalk, or back in a basement (mothers or someone else) Think he is young guy, and the photo he used is one he hijacked.

        1. Sorry, bud. My photo: I took it, I hold the copyright. If you find my comments negative, it’s because I disagree with your opinion. New to the net? Haha. Go ahead, please check out my homepage!

  4. Not sure Editor Perry’s trying to be in stating this crap he has written here. A liberal? A Communist? Or with his mental test for gun owners and purchasers, gun registration and gun free zones is more in taking with Hilter. Disarm America, remove the Constitution and you can turn the people into what ever you want.

    This country is on a down hill slide, mental problems that end up causing death. Guns, knifes, bombs, cars or baseba bats it all comes from people who cannot be what the want in life, because we push them to be more than they can be.

    Mass killings are the result of people to afraid to do anything except hide to save their ass over fighting for others and dying a hero. That is what we are, afraid. And, you Mr Perry tell us to increase the fear, stick your head in the sand and give up.

    1. Simply breathtaking! But it’s the usual crap from the usual crowd whining about the Constitution, Hitler, Commies and Liberals. Hitler this Hitler that! Disarm America! Communists and baseball bats. zzzzzzz!

      Darrell here joins a long list of gloom and doomers mostly wing nuts making useless noise. “Sticking one’s head in the sand” appears to be Darrell’s problem, not Dave Perry’s.

      Can’t wait for the fun to start in the House with the new Speaker whoever the poor sap may be. The nut cake caucus touting God, guns and Barbie Dolls will eventually sink into their own morass of ignorance. It’ll be fun watching the GOP follies soon to come.

      1. It’s more fun watching your fruit cake Dems become the Party of No. Won’t play well in ’16.

      2. Wrong. If this is same Darrell I know, and have known since 1991, he is very aware and with the flow. Instead of Obama making his gun control pitch, if he would just say the magic words: I will resign this position next Tuesday, and leave the White House on Wednesday morning to return to my home, HE WOULD DO MORE FOR GUN CONTROL THAN THE 2,000 LAWS ON THE BOOKS NOW. He is the reason everyone I know is buying a gun, or more guns, with ammo for self defense. Obama is walking the same footsteps of so many before him, who had meglathoughts of being supreme dictator, because he knows what is best for everyone.
        I personally know many who never owned a gun before, or thought of it, who now have purchased. Whether they get a permit or not, I have no idea.
        My opinion has always been, I will carry when I feel threatened, and I will know that better than anyone else, and let the bad guy/s guess whether I am or not. I learned to shoot at 13, and bought my first rifle at 16, when I did not have to show ID, any paperwork, or even sign a receipt. I simply paid my $8.00 cash, which was about all I had, plus $1.50 (?) for box of 20 rounds for 8 mm Belgium Radome Rifle. Since it is listed 1935, and all the parts serial numbers match, it is worth over $4,000 now on collectors market. Similar to 30-6 and was the WWII rifle, Mauser actions.

        Have a good day, and pray for him to retire, and relieve a lot of folks.

        1. The “supreme dictator” President Obama! What can one say! This sort of nonsense speaks for itself. Suit yourself Frank.

          Don’t hold your breath waiting for the President to retire. Ain’t gonna happen.

          1. Note: I said watch for the magic word. I learned a long time ago, watch the hands when they perform magic. Don’t watch the face or other actions to distract. I never did believe they cut the lady in half. And I really learned earlier at a local sales, when I bought my first ink pen that could write under water. Spent the only quarter I had, and that pen would not write, even on paper at home. But I was smart kid. Never hooked me again on stuff like that. Made a mistake once, in my life, and found I hadn’t afterwards.

          2. I’m positive you’ve been mistaken more than once: After all, I’ve been reading your posts. The thing about cutting the lady in half- you’re not supposed to believe it actually happened, the joy is in figuring out how you were fooled. MAGIC!

          3. OK! But what does your claim to being a smart kid who purchased a faulty pen and “stuff like that” have to do with the President being a “dictator”. Weird!

  5. Many students in states such as Texas conceal carry … which would make these cretins looking for fame think twice about shooting up the campus.

    1. We target-practiced in school. Shot real guns with live ammo. It was called Hunter Safety, and it was required in Seventh grade PE.

      Response time was reported to be six minutes until the police engaged the shooter. PDQ.

    2. You can say that again. Oregon is the most killed or injured of all so far, and was 45th shooting on school grounds this year. Calling a school a gun free zone, is not working out, with most not having external security, or officers within the school. And it looks like the employees in those schools, who have to have ex-military personnel are not armed either. In 2001 I visited Hawaii, and the High School my grandsons attended had chained link fences, with limited entrance points, with hired security within the school budget.
      That security was there before school opened, the students wore name tags issued by the school with photo, through 2-3 entrances, where they were observed. Security was young folks few years older then the High School students, and knew the students by face recognition (in military I was told that was the best, and most accurate). Now they have camera photo ID which is supposed to be 99.9% accurate, using digital info from database, and can be used from a drone in sky of crowd, and is at many fairs or athletic events for testing purposes. Of course the usual opposes are afraid of slippery slope, like ACLU and others.
      In Hawaii, any visitor was met at the entrance gate and escorted to the registration desk to register and present ID. Closed campus, with lunch facilities, or brown bag it. And if student was not in first class, their home was called by phone until someone answered, to inform the parents or guardians. AND I DID NOT HEAR ANY GRUMBLING OF BEING IN PRISON.
      That was in 2001.

      Why do we not guard our students, the same as we do our workers or business folks in commercial employment.

      1. Interesting concept! “Guard our students”! Wonder how Frank came up with such a mind boggling idea.

  6. You forgot to mention that Chicago has every gun law liberals want…..they have the worst gun violence totally trashing your million words of logic, explanations, anger and rants. SEE…it’s liberals that want to impose law after law based on emotion. Not on what works. The real problem is the hatred and division the liberals have created and a corrupt media and immoral Hollywood…they have pitted people against people, group against group, race against race, hatred of the police …they have trashed American traditions, they have no ethics, no morals, they try to ram racism sex crap down our throats and no national unity….it’s like the country is divided by hate groups and political correctness Nazi’s ….people hating other people everywhere…ALL because liberals need a victim class to get votes which requires people hating other people for whatever reason….there is no national pride for the country…this breeds these killers…..but of course to liberals ” we need more laws” NO you need unity in the country.

      1. Think that is direction of Barack, since he has not given his gun control message out enough. He is already selling more guns for self defense to citizens, than any other president we ever had. What other president has called out the NRA, our Congress, or Supreme Court, while they do everything they can to avoid letting Congress or Supremes have any say.
        And we citizens cannot call our police or firemen as in the past, since there are so many parts of cities where they cannot go. And if anyone calls on the military, inside our borders, they are not all armed either. So he thinks just like you, withersteen.

        1. That’s funny! The fire and police were in my neighborhood yesterday. Maybe frank could give us a list of those “parts of cities” the police and fire departments can’t go.

          Reading some of these goofy posts is like watching Quack Trump do a political monologue. Funny stuff!

          1. “since there are so many parts of cities where they cannot go”. I did not say our city was one of them.

            But they sure can’t go into cities in Minnesota and Wisconsin where the Muslims under Sharia Law won’t let them. And they don’t try the street in NYC where the Muslims block the whole block to bow to Mecca.

            We all saw the police backing away from the crowds in Baltimore on orders of the police chief, mayor, and other muckety mucks, who kept the money from National to spend in their offices, and told police to let them do what they were gonna do. Don’t pick on me, with made-up comment. You and I know both of us, are seniors, with similar backgrounds.

            I just happen to stay closer to what is happening, since I was one of the pioneers in SATCOM to make it work in 1970-76 era, in military, and civilian world was right on our heels to take advantage of it. Which the manufacturers and designers of satellite equipment fostered the idea. Why not, those were the building years, between some terrible presidents.

          2. Similar backgrounds Yes! Both seniors Yes! Beyond that there’s nothing to discuss.

            Hell man! The streets of NYC are blocked everyday. Have you ever driven Canal St from the Holland Tunnel to the Brooklyn Bridge. What’s the big deal with a few Muslims bowing to Mecca.

            What on earth gave you the idea I was “picking on you”? Sounds a bit paranoid to me.

          3. YEP. YEP. No I did not try driving in NYC., When there I used the public transportation. Watching the cab drivers yell and scream at each other in languages neither one understood the other, but their hand gastrulation’s was out of this world, FUNNY. And I stand corrected on the “picking”. Withersteen had written so many, where he picked on my words or thoughts, and I got confused for a bit. It goes away, since I now ignore him. Not worth replying to, and I do hate tweeting by anyone. If only a few digits needed, only use a few. Just like television. Those parrot heads with white hair, dark roots, will always used 5,000 words at speed of machine gun, and only one line or couple sentences would suffice. Bit of a difference, but irritating anyway.

          4. We all have our opinions and choose to respond or not respond.

            Life goes on. Cheers on this nice Fall day.

          5. That “confusion” you felt was called rational thinking. I’ve never “picked on your words”, I’ve only pointed out their logical inconsistency. And I can’t read your thoughts, no matter how my hands “gastrulate”!

        1. All liberals- kinda like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson.. I’d add Jesus to the list, but he was more than liberal- he was down right radical!

    1. adding to comment above. Chicago had a lot of folks killed and injured from shooting last year. And while that is going down elsewhere, it went up big time this year, so must be in competition with Baltimore where the thugs are still going big time. Can see why with the leadership in Baltimore, and all that money staying in the top drawers of the leaders, while they prosecute their police for just doing their job, as laid out. Who knows how long it takes for instructions to filter through the ranks from the police chief, thru his underlings, until it reaches the police on the beat.

      1. Hmmm! Seems frank here has inside info on the Chicago and Baltimore Police Departments based on flim flam and voodoo. He should be writing for the National Enquirer.

        1. YEP. Don’t go there now. Washington insiders just sent more money to Baltimore and Chicago, and did you not get the Email of that, like I did. I used to have relatives living there in the golden years, when the crab cakes were to die for. But you will die if you go there now.
          Don’t you keep up to latest on the accurate cable news? There are some, but you have to be choosy. Quit listening to Hillary, and Obama, or any of their cabinet officials. Bet you watched every word from Kerry this past week.——–
          And for Chicago, that came up in entry about the Chicago flacks who went to Washington with Barrie (Barack) and now have returned to Chicago since Daley no longer runs the city. I don’t want to name the Mayor now, or the supporter Obama. They are still running for office, using same tactics as before. —–

          So mentioning their names, might mean my name would show up on their list as supporting them.

          1. Have not watched Fox as much after Meghan Kelley and others went after Trump, in the 2nd debate. That was not a debate. All the questioners (3) plus the 10 other candidates were out to get Donald, and twist his words.
            He may not be the candidate of choice, BUT WHO IS? I AM FAST LOSING RESPECT FOR SO MANY OF THEM. At least Donald made his own fortune, starting with fathers’s and family of few million. And he is spending his own money, and he is saying and thinking what I have for past 7 years, and knew was coming from reading and owning about 12 books of Obama. No one really has a full handle on what makes him tick, including him. Beginning to think Michelle had the two daughters by someone else, and he has been gay through out Just a thought that came to me few days ago. Would have been some females coming out, of his past activities if he had been into them.

          2. “I must have a signed photo of Chris Matthews hanging over my bedroom at mom’s”. Hilarious!

    2. Perhaps the ‘indiana man’ can elaborate on “what works”. It appears the bulk of his nonsensical rant is mostly personal delusion. I doubt seriously indiana man could elaborate on much of anything.

      Political correctness Nazis? I can’t stop laughing.

        1. Not sure ‘indiana clown’ understands much of anything for that matter. Wing nuts and their guns. Funny stuff, no?

          1. I’d really like to know (not really, but I think I know who you, and others who comment like you, are) what stipend you or yours are on from those of us who work for a living. Obama has done nothing for folks like us, only for the ‘have-nots’, and fat cats on Wall St. to keep this struggling economy held up on strings, Nearly $10 TRILLION from stimulus and the Fed, and the ONLY aspect is that the stock market is humming along, everything, and everyone else, is doing poorly. You tell me your stocks are doing fine, good for you, allow me to ask why? The jobs market is scarce, 46 million out of work, or have stopped looking, going on disability after their unemployment benefits ran out, so who are you? Living at home with mom? Done okay with your investments? When that house of cards folds, what will you say then?

          2. goo man says he’d really like to know but not really? He’d like to know, trust me! Otherwise he wouldn’t be composing more of his indignant tripe enhancing his image as a right wing crackpot. goo man is easily baited. What can I say.

            The President hasn’t done anything for “folks” like me says goo man. ( Don’t cha love the “folks” label. goo goo is just folks ! Touching ain’t it!) Not sure what he expects. A government handout maybe?

            Oh well. For crackpots like goo goo predicting gloom and doom, obsessing about illegals and agitated 24/7, I can just imagine the blood pressure issues with these wing dings like the goo man.

            No wonder health care costs are skyrocketing in this country. Guys like goo man are having Obama heart attacks faster than the ER docs can handle em.

            I am “Rye catcher”! My mother is deceased!

          3. As is mine. I am self supporting, worked all my life, ANYONE who would agree with this administration is one of two things, a guilty white person, or a have not, there are no others.

      1. OH BUTT LICKER……I’m not the one running around with scare tactics to enact useless laws that don’t work…liberals do that…..the hatred and division liberals have created in this country breeds these killers.

        1. It’s OK if you are into an@l play. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s just not everybody’s thing. 😉 Why you feel the need to share something so personal in a public forum is beyond me.

          1. LOL…People take a good look at the uneducated monkey American..mindless zombies living in a goo goo world oblivious to everything….mother goose is calling you.

          2. I guess anyone who doesn’t agree with you is an idiot, a fool, a piece of s–t, a monkey, a mindless zombie, or a butt-licker. You, on the other hand, are a piece of work.

          3. Yes, the folks who elected the mutt in the WH, mindless idiots and folks who demand hand outs, nothing more.

          4. Aww GooGoo, I think Indy can speak for himself. Go drag your knuckles somewhere else and stop bothering the big people.

        2. indiana man checking in with another of his patented adolescent remarks.

          indiana man is obviously a “Quack trump” kind of guy. That much is obvious given his lack of intelligible thought amidst his juvenile diatribes.

    3. Do you remember when the US Supreme Court overruled Chicago’s gun control laws? That’s when things started going south. Facts are pesky things.

      1. No, I don’t recall that at all. I do KNOW that black Illinois legislators refused to assign harsh penalties for illegal gun possession, recall that?

  7. Owning firearms comes with serious responsibilities, which is why I store each of my guns in a locked safe. I keep the key on me at all times, so I’m the only person who can get to them [in the event that I suffer a full-scale psychological meltdown and channel my derangement into a violent, blood-soaked rampage]. No one but me is laying a hand on those guns!

    Oh, and BTW, they did pry the gun out of Charlton Heston’s cold, dead hands! LOL

  8. Lot of blurbs on the guns-crazy-unbalanced-and other distracting stuff. Something in Aurora Schools may tell the story more distinctly. When anyone does not understand what is happening to them or friends, what happens? Received a postcard this week and something to think about. 193 countries in U.N. as members. We receive immigrants (legal) from about 191 of those, and many more from those countries who come illegally, through our four borders. And many of those carry weapons, drugs, disease, and really bad attitudes. Same as being reported now among the refugees migrating all over Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America.
    Aurora Schools, Dist28J, reports students from 130 countries. speaking 130 different languages. Some of those may be dual languages, but I suspect many know only their basic home language, so parents, guardians probably speak that same language. We publish voting ballots in English and Spanish, that I know of. Any others, or are translators used, paid by whom?
    Then we throw in Common Core that establish that all students in a given class, will receive the same part of a course, on that same day. When I instructed, I taught in military to the standards, curricula, and used 3 column lesson plan. Had much training and practice at that in basic instructor training, then advanced training in Alabama, taught by instructors with Masters and Doctorates, being observed by civilian teachers who visited , since we were cutting edge of new techniques, computers, and television teaching in 1965. My point, is a good instructor teaches to each student, in their classroom, to the needs of that student, by tutoring, team, and additional 1 on 1, while others do their homework, or in our case build electronic circuits to prove their mathematical calculations, and measuring actual voltages, current, and actions. If my student made mistakes on flight line, or in shops, people could be injured or killed.
    Now with 130 languages, from 130 countries with different cultures, is it any wonder there is dissension, anger, frustration, and with no PC way to vent that?
    It is not the guns. Those are tools of FREEDOM. We need them to defend ourselves from our government, when they get (and are) abusive.
    IT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN CULTURES, ATTITUDES, AND DISRESPECT BETWEEN THE DIFFERENT GROUPS. And we have mothers teaching children to be prejudiced, bigots, by being afraid of guns, afraid of police, afraid of neighbors, and in fact afraid of most everything. THEN WE HAVE THE MOVIES FROM HOLLYWOOD WITH FANCY WEAPONS THAT SHOW FINAL SOLUTIONS.
    Hello World, What do we do now, Martha?

  9. And we have president who never misses a chance to talk of restricting or taking away our guns. He is the one we need to keep them for, when he sends (I hate to say brow shirts) to confiscate them. And California and New York are fast for that.

  10. Anti gunners proposed and passed the laws sacrificing people to mass shooters and no one else. We have a written law in place and you and your ilk infringed upon it. You and your cronies took away the right of the people and forced them to depend on pointless laws and a sign to keep them alive. You and your pals are the nation’s insane. You and those like you are the very definition of insane. Time and again shootings like this happen and you expect a different result with the same laws and signs in your group put place. And then you have the gal to propose “stronger” laws, immediately followed with acknowledgement that your proposals will not work, “but at least we did something” as you say.

    The truth is you and those you support don’t care about those that have perished. For you it’s about politics and control because you are paranoid and angery with fear because the majority refuse to toe your line.

    If you truly cared about children dying by the gun of a mad man, there would be an armed guard in every school. Your Anti gun Brady Campaign has armed guards. Your Moms Demand Action have armed guards. Your Coalition has armed guards. Your celebrity supporters have armed guards. Our politicians have armed guards.

    Yet the children remain defended with a sticker or a sign. If you and your side truly cared at all, you would at least put an armed guard in the schools until you got your proposed legislation passed. But that’s not the case. Because all you’re truly worried about is control. Control of the people and denying their rights one by one.

    The actual truth is everywhere for all to observe. And the majority have seen it. That is a fact. The statistics ushered in by the presidents own pen prove your side is not only wrong, but losing ground in the manner of a metaphorical mud slide. Firearms do save lives when readily available. That is a fact that political hacks and emotional fear mongers like Mother Jones, anti gun groups and yourself attempt to convince the rest of the public as false. We’re not buying it. That’s a fact.

  11. Yep, that banning of guns sure stopped a 15yo in Australia from getting a gun and murdering a police employee the day after the UCC shooting

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