It all comes down to this. What kind of person says people are just begging to get shot to death if they go to a health clinic that provides birth control, abortions and pregnancy care?

Not the kind of person you want making important decisions for you in the Colorado Legislature.

That’s the conclusion we came to at the Aurora Sentinel this week when we published an editorial insisting that state Rep. JoAnn Windholz resign her House District 30 seat because of her obscene comments about the Colorado Springs shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

In a long Facebook rant that Windholz won’t back down from, she said that abortion-rights proponents are wrong in whom they blame for the murders. A tsunami of blame and outrage has focused on a pro-life crusade earlier this year to undermine Planned Parenthood based on fabricated and manipulated surreptitious videos. Pro-choice proponents say those videos and controversy swirling around them incited accused shooter Robert Dear to carry out his slaughter.

That apparently prompted Windholz to write a diatribe in protest, saying that it was Planned Parenthood itself responsible for the murders, because it solicits violence by being violent in providing legal abortions.

“…The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.”

How and why could anyone be so cruel, so sadistic and so unintelligent? And Windholz isn’t just anyone, she’s the elected representative of part of Aurora, Commerce City and Adams County. What would she do if an armed madman went into a large gun shop and firing range and murdered several people, wounding many others? What would she do if a Democratic legislator from Aurora then said that the gun range was responsible for the murder, because they deal with violent weapons and people, bringing it on themselves? In effect, that they had it coming?


I am exasperated by the fact that she could be so wrong and so cruel, and that she would feel free to say any damned thing she wants. She’s absolutely not alone. She can’t hold a candle to the horrifying and sickening things that billionaire Donald Trump says not almost every single day, but always every single day.

What’s so frightening is that this is the political world we live in these days. It’s chic in some political circles to be a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, a homophobe, to tell people that health clinics are responsible for mass shootings. There is no keeping them accountable when they lie. There are no limits or retributions for what politicians and elected officials say anymore. None.

Windholz isn’t the only foaming-at-the-mouth extremist at the state Capitol these days serving as an unbridled embarrassment to the Republican Party. State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmidt rarely misses a month when either he or his alt-personality YouTube preacher Dr. Chaps says something equally as outrageously banal, mean and inflammatory.

This isn’t about free speech. I’m in the free speech business. I get free speech. I can write and publish any damned thing I please, but I have to pay the consequences. Those consequences would come from my boss, our advertisers, our readers and my conscience. And I also have many and serious questions about how the government and medical community regulates and monitors the sale of any human tissue, much less the tissue of aborted fetuses. But abortion itself is legal. It’s legal because it’s a matter of privacy — not phone privacy, but the privacy we must guarantee women. Privacy that says they, not the government, not anyone else, can dictate what they do with their bodies. Anything less is slavery.

The problem with people like Trump, Klingenschmidt and Windholz is that they believe that because they can say anything they want, they should. And they do. The bigger problem is that their Republican peers are too afraid to call them out for their despicable diatribes. And so, too, is much of the media.

Well, I’m not. Political discourse in Colorado and all over the country has crossed the line. Windholz crossed the line. Republican leaders in Colorado know damned well she crossed the line. And by standing silent or just saying that she speaks for herself, they tacitly give approval of her vitriol and allow her, Klingenschmitt and Trump to become the face of the Grand Old Party. And I don’t think they are.

Given that Windholz didn’t have the decency to restrain herself from writing and standing behind her rant, and that she doesn’t have the decency to retract and apologize for her rant, there’s no way she’ll have the decency to step down.

About 25,000 people signing an online petition think she should resign.

I’ve lived here my entire life. Colorado has been a place where three things have always prevailed: hard work, compassion and decency. I would hope that Republicans statewide, especially those who are from here, would channel that history and pressure each other and Windholz to do the right thing.

It all comes back to what kind of a person would say the kind of thing that Windholz did, and just as importantly, what kind of a person just lets them get away with it? Not me.

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35 replies on “PERRY: We can’t let Rep. Windholz get away with what she said about Planned Parenthood murder”

  1. Dave, I also get free speech. Flaming liberals such as yourself will always call on flaming conservatives to step down, and vice versa.

  2. You said: “There are no limits or retributions for what politicians and elected officials say anymore. None.”

    I disagree. There is the recall process. The good people of Adams County will need to gather a little over 2,110 signatures to recall this critter. It’s a lot more work than defeating her in the first place would have been, since she won by a little over 200 votes, but there you have it. I think if Colorado’s Democratic party started a go fund me project to support the recall, they would probably get lots of support.

    I will donate $5 to the effort.

  3. Here is the complete quote which the author forgot to post: ““Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.””

    Once again the irrationality of the liberal fascists is on display. Progressive liberals are enemies of basic freedoms and innocent children. There would be no protests, no controversy or no shootings by madmen if Planned Parenthood was an ice cream parlor.

    1. Aldo, ‘how dare they’ is always the left’s cry. ‘you didn’t agree with us, off with your head’, you can’t use common sense when discussing or arguing with a liberal, neither are used by their thought process, or lack thereof.

      1. Yes aldo, “how dare they”. gooey the ‘Oracle’ has spoken for lack thereof. His usual show and tell boob speak at the expense of his limited “thought processes”.

  4. I suspect the PP leaders will learn to keep their mouths shut more, and be investigated by Congressional folks. I would certainly hope so, and when they find the truth, then and only then, let us know. And if (which I also suspect) they find this group of sneaks, who lied, who used false identification, and then doctored the videos will be prosecuted by next administration. I don’t trust this one to do anything unless it is white folks, who do something to their version of the minorities. BLM is now disclosed as extortion bunch, of under educated who demonstrate and put others in danger, when they don’t know the truth, and don’t want to. I have family members who were found to have breast cancer, during early stages, where their regular care providers did not have expertise, equipment, or time to really test and let them know. Thank God for 2nd opinions. They were senior citizens, but living in county without most facilities. Getting them now with oil-gas-coal leases and Fracking, with all the cryogenic splitting plants, with companies spending big bucks for pipelines and the plants. Oil and Gas split, into liquid forms, loaded on RR cars and shipped to manufacturers or using facilities. Prosperity, and growth in a very stagnant community-county held down by Democrats in past many decades. Reason I did not go back to live and work there, after Air Force Service, and retirement.

    1. Hey Frank, please watch the videos. It seems you get all of your information from others. To the best of my recollection and research, the only thing that was ‘doctored’ (really wasn’t) was a stillborn baby used in one of the videos, a baby that hadn’t been aborted. Listen to the interview with PP executives, listen to their words, nothing ‘doctored’ about them.

      1. I do. I do. I do. As I have said, no one talking is completely changing my mind or decisions. I read books, watch videos, read the text of speeches because I cannot stand to watch the candidates TALK, TALK, TALK, and when they stop, some bottle blonde, with dark roots showing explains what we were supposed to have heard or seen. And there is so much spin, twist, out right lies, and new words inserted into those dissertations that no one comes away with true story. I even read court results when they are published in the paper as was done with Michael Brown in Ferguson. But marchers and young folks don’t need to do that, to know that Officer Wilson decided in7 seconds to kill Brown. They don’t need no stinking court decisions or actual testimony, to know. Why I have no respect for common core, for K12 education. I have taught, and taught my instructors, just as I managed programs at levels higher than my pay grade would be expected to. Never court martialed, AWOL, or seriously questioned on my decisions by very superior grade officers and officials. I am my own man, in my own mind, and I don’t worry about the ankle biters, or back stabbers. Not even by low information voters, who vote party line. Just wonder what they really believe, and WHY? Some will mature, and grow.

        1. Frank. All of us have our own minds just in case you weren’t aware. That would include “bottled blonds with dark roots”. Is this observation based upon anecdotal personal experience or the fact you’re somewhat insecure with women. I suspect the latter.

          By the way, I agree with your previous comment. The videos are “doctored sneaky” attempts to smear, nothing more.

          Have a nice day.

      2. Hmmm… Not to belabor a point, but wonder. Who “doctors” gooey’s absurd comments. frank or aldo?

    1. When we do see him as in recent interviews with Aurora candidates for the Sentinel, he actually looks normal. Makes me wonder just what in his child hood or college twisted his thinking. We have had so many democrats, who finally bought property, started paying taxes, and realized what the TAX AND SPEND party was up to, and then converted , or registered Republican.
      Problem then arises when the divisions of Conservative, Moderate, Liberal within the Republican party, started causing friction, producing ELITES, EXPERTS, AND PARASITE LOBBYISTS. THEN CAME THE PACS. And the Mafia types flocked to Washington, for better return on efforts than ever came from whiskey or drugs smuggling. So society in its wisdom, has now progressed to legal drugs, and Colorado is overflowing with drug addicts, mental cases who have pains who just have to have drugs, alcohol, and other practices that used to be immoral, immodest, and that families used to control within own circle.
      Leads to young folks getting on television to tell of stuff that used to be private, and only known within their small circle. Problem, is they want all the rest of us to know, and approve of their antics. Sorry, not my way of life.

      1. Perhaps you’d like to share with us what was in your childhood or college that twisted your thinking.

        If Washington is all about “mafia types” why do you bother to participate by voting?

        How is it you know all about the “young folks” and what they say or do on TV? You must spend considerable time watching TV. it’s obvious from the tone of your comments.

        Sorry you’re views of Colorado are so depressing. Perhaps a change of scenery would help, say Somalia or Bangladesh.

        1. My parents had marriage license and loved all 5 of us. My parents taught me to be respectful of elders, (at least until they proved to be drug addled, and brain cooked by excessive alcohol). And to believe in a power greater than me. —
          I can see where that would raddle you and others, who are non-believers, or disrespectful of others. And in military I saw so many wonderful, talented, people that I wondered how the non-behaving types existed. But soon found out, they moved on or out. I even helped some of them by typing their paperwork in quick time, so they could collect last pay, and be taken to the gate, and put out on side of road. Had several of those between 1950 -1954, my first enlistment in Nevada.
          Even with Korean situation, we did not need them, and guard house was not place to retain such types. Just as I typed paperwork for some smart young pilots, who had been to a Las Vegas casino night before, and one had made badges for them of hammer and sickle. During break, one turned his collar to display that, and said “what did you say, comrade?” Seems we had OSI agents among the audience and Base Commander did not treat that with sense of humor. They got letters in their record jackets, of reprimand, that remained for one year, if they did not offend again in next year.
          Just as one young man came by my office, asked if I had ever sat in on court martial? 3rd year, I had not. So I sat in that day, as he was court-martialed for stealing a $5.00 dollar chit book of coupons to be used at NCO club. Busted to private, and time served to then, he plead guilty, even though the UCMJ court martial questioning proved the Club Secretary did not do her job, and they really did not have evidence, the chit book had been received, or even printed. That Secretary got a real tongue lashing (very civically) by the prosecuting and defense attorney, and he was asked if he wanted to withdraw his confession.
          He said NO, I took it. I have paid the club, the $5.00. And I will take my punishment. So anyone who does not trust UCMJ, the folks involved have more recourse than civilian courts, and I believe in those more than civilian ones. Have been victim of the lawyers when I sued for unpaid rent, and attorney spun our version to a complete lie. I won case, but buyers(renters) also gained some funds with home grown jury. Wife and I was home-towned by the local jury in another state. Even with couple lawyers in family, I still do not trust all results, or case procedures. Especially in this administration from DOJ, down to local.

          1. I’m amazed why you would spend and hour and a half composing this lengthy screed for unbelievers and infidels. Oh well.

            Have a nice day.

          2. It may take you that long. I cranked out with only 2 interruptions by Comcast, refreshing the page and all the connections plugging in their sales graphics. It took me about 1 minute to think what I wanted to say.
            Now for a shorter message to you. Kiss my xxx. I just got email of a very good friend who died today at 11:30, following heart surgery last Wednesday. He is worth 100 like you, and came to Goose Bay, Labrador to work for me out of tech school as A/2c. Promoted through the years by my efforts to TSgt, and was about to put on MSgt stripes, when accepted for AFIT.
            College for two years, went to England as 1/Lt out of AFIT, as Deputy M&S Group, where he lived on Colonel row, with 2 sets of quarters, and 3 teenagers. Cut a door between the two quarters.
            —–Retiring as a Captain, he was a Director at Texas Electric Company , and his wife was head nurse with Texas Prison System. When she retired from that, same time Paul retired from Electric CO, the Governor and Lt. Governor came to her going away luncheon.
            So don’t waste my time for next few days. I don’t have the time to put with you, or anyone or your persuasions
            (And this took less than 1 minute to think and type it. I also have other skills)..
            added note: His family and mine have been friends since 1962, being assigned at same bases after Goose.

          3. Sorry to hear of your friends passing. But I’ll pass on the xxx.

            You need to find something to occupy your time other than writing these sob stories.

            If I’m such a pain, why do you bother. You could certainly do better honing your writing skills.

            Have a nice day big guy.

  5. The picture posted below is from the Foundation for
    Life, Houston, Texas, and has been distributed by numerous anti-abortion campaigns. A website exposing these sham and
    inflammatory photos reports the following:
    “If the forceps securing its head over the jar are standard OR ring
    forceps, the ring is 1 x 0.5 centimeters, which would mean that the head is too
    small to be in its third trimester, yet one less developed would not have that
    much hair, says Dr. Ross. “I strongly suspect that this picture is fake,
    and the information on the back of the card certainly does not match what’s
    shown,” he adds. The second, and most obvious, fallacy lies within the
    description. It says that the pictured fetus was aborted in 1987 in Texas.
    However, that was the year that third trimester abortions were banned,
    rendering the alleged procedure altogether illegal.” People who persist in posting lies and half truths are as deranged as the shooter. Thank you for an excellent editorial and link to the Windholz petition. She is clearly not fit for public office.

  6. This is typical leftist, double-standard, spew from Perry. When any Democrat says anything ranging from the wrong to the stupid to the outright insane, the leftist media covers, contorts, and excuses it. Take your pick: Obama, Biden, Clinton, Wasserman-Shultz, Joe Salazar, Hickenlooper. When any Republican says something with which leftists disagree or skewers their sacred cows, the left attempts to shout them down and shut them down. If you disgaree with Windholz, fine, explain why you disagree, but spare us your juvenile, playground, “she’s a meanie” screed.

    PPH perfoms abortions, a violent act of killing no matter the reason. This does not excuse violence against it, and precisely zero pro-lifers have supported the shooting in Colo Spgs. The motive of an obviously deranged individual, or even whether PPH was targeted, is unknown and may not be known. A culture which promotes death for the convenience of the living, such as selective abortion and euthanasia, has opponents who support a culture of life. These opponents act rationally and within the confines of the Law. Shooting people is quite the opposite of pro-life, and though PPH bears no responsibility for this shooting, is does bear responsibility for promoting the culture of death for convenience.

    1. Ignoring the first part of this comment, I find myself agreeing with the sentiment. The fact that some folks think life begins at conception and some folks don’t isn’t going to change anytime soon. I admire your passion, Mr. Perry, but I think your article could have better served our cause with a cool head. Even as a pretty liberal fella myself, I don’t like reading emotionally laced, ad hominem attacks from the left any more than I do from the right. That said, I’ll definitely be keeping closer tabs on my elected official’s doings, thanks for raising the point

      1. When pro-lifers say, “Life begins at conception,” they’re right. That’s just a biological fact.

  7. Donald Trump has said nothing I don’t agree with, it’s only you on the left who don’t understand not being ‘politically correct’ ‘how dare they’ ‘no more sugar for you!’ ‘a car, a dirty car, you horrible person’. You see, we don’t think so. When you murder babies, and call it ‘women’s rights’, some of us don’t think a ‘right’ rises to that level, especially when there are plenty of other means of birth control So your blabbing and complaining about Donald Trump is just more of the same liberal-think, and we are not affected by it.

    1. gooey is however affected or should I say infected. The man needs help with the “blabbering”. I’m sure aldo and frank are at his disposal.

  8. Planned Parenthood kicks backs millions for every baby murdered, sent to the ghoulish baby chop shops and sold to the Joseph Mengele types to the Democrat Party. So the genocide of the innocent by the Democrat will continue unabated. 60 million and counting ….

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