EDITOR’S NOTE: Reprinted from last year. Nothing’s changed. That’s Perry’s point.

I’m here to tout two Colorado heroes trying to put an end to Colorado’s vapid time traveling.

Hail, Sean and Teri Johnson of Lakewood, who have begun an odyssey to slay the state’s biannual move from Mountain Standard Time to Mountain Daylight Saving Time. Godspeed.

In the giant encyclopedia of incredibly stupid things humans have inflicted on themselves and the planet, which boasts such notable feats as Chernobyl, Sarah Palin and cappuccino-flavored potato chips, daylight saving time rises to the top of the list of heinous gaffes.


To understand how stupid the idea really is, you have to hearken back to a time when people did things because it was practical, and because being impractical often made you lunch for something else, face down in a river or tied to other unlucky humans building pyramids for some dude with too much eyeliner. Because people tended to get eaten or otherwise accosted in the dark, it was practical to avoid going out in it. And as people formed communities and taverns that opened and closed at particular hours, it became necessary to know how long until last call, and when morning-shift happy hour began. So humans invented clocks. The first ones were sundials. This gets a little nerdy here, but the gist is that ancient Egyptians had a thing for “12,” just like modern Germans jones over “10.” Way-old timers identified 12 stars moving across the sky after sunset that marked the night. After several hundred years of refinement, voila, the 24-hour day was created. It wasn’t fancy, but it helped people know when to meet to watch mastodon demolition derbies, or something like that. In the summer, near the equinox, the shadow on the dial would point straight up at noon.

That’s important, Noon. Straight up. Mid-point of a 12-hour period of daylight. Simple and practical. If it’s noon, it’s four hours until two-for-one Egyptian honey wine at the CornerStone Pub and Pyramid. Within a few hundred years, we were all winding clocks and watches to let us know when to get to the bank to cover last night’s hot check before it got there.

Then came electric light, full-time jobs and The Great War. Germans (it’s always something with them, huh?) invented the game of moving the clocks ahead in an effort to conserve energy needed to generate electricity. Of course then we had to do the same thing. After the Great War, when the Germans went back to pouting and inventing other stuff, we all forgot about daylight saving time, because it was stupid and we love us some electric light in this country.

Then the Germans started up again, this time inventing World War II, and we all needed more of everything and decided we could get it if we just moved the clocks ahead one hour in the spring. A lot of things didn’t make much sense about World War II, and this was one of them. So the war ends and the Germans go back to making killer trochen riesling and kicking our butts with their cars and skis, but we don’t shake off the daylight saving time. If it’s any consolation, we didn’t get rid of lame dad pants, either — another heinous human blunder.

Rather than scrap this ridiculous notion of “saving daylight,” we institutionalize the damned thing. We say it saves energy, which several studies show it clearly does not. We say that we keep at it to appease the farmers, which is a lie, Farmers are smart, rational people. They don’t care if you call it Purple-Thirty. When the sun’s up, there’s farming to be done.

And so for the past 60 years, we’ve been dragging this useless boat anchor all over the calendar, saying that we’re all too vacuous or too OCD to go back to having the celestial dog wag the intervallic tail.

And that brings us back to Sean and Teri. They’ve had it with the bad and destructive daylight-saving marriage the federal and state government have committed us to, and they want a divorce. They’re starting a statewide effort to collect the 86,000 voter signatures needed to force an election in 2016 to keep daylight saving time year round, forever.

(They haven’t made it yet. I’m ready to take up the cause myself)

I would prefer that we just keep standard time year-round, because I’m old and fall asleep before the sun sets at the end of June already, but I support anything that ends something as dumb and useless as a bucket of hair inflicted on me because state and federal lawmakers are too lame to take care of it themselves. I think you and millions of other Colorado residents will feel the same way, so I’m asking you to look for the petition and sign away. It’s about time someone did the right thing.

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  1. The problem is that even if it got on the ballot (which is really hard) and passed, the federal DOT won’t allow it. That’s what that law passed in 1966 says. There is a way to fix it, however. I’ve got it all on my site: https://www.sco.tt/time Basically we need 2/3rds of the states in the country to pass a bill saying that if all those states pass a bill, then they want to stop changing the clocks twice per year. That will actually work!

  2. The federal DOT hasn’t stopped Arizona. Planes and trains and boats cross time zone lines all the time. I prefer standard time, but mostly I prefer stopping this nonsense.

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