The failure this week in the state Senate to pass a statewide ban on bump stocks is jaw dropping for a long list of reasons, but it boils down to one of only two possibilities.

Elected Republicans won’t ban bump stocks because they are too fearful of gun nuts among their voting ranks and those embedded in the National Rifle Association. Or, they won’t take these insidious devices off the streets because they are so vapid or morally corrupt as to think bump stocks are cool gun fun in Colorado.

What else could explain why any thinking, marginally educated human who watched 58 people gunned down at a Las Vegas concert — among thousands terrified by a man using these devices — would vote “no” on Senate Bill 51 this week in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee?

This isn’t a political argument. This is just sick.

On a party-line vote, GOP state senators Owen Hill, Jerry Sonnenberg and Vicki Marble made their party and Colorado proud by saying, “stupid starts right here.”

You tell me. Who among Colorado residents who don’t drink the NRA mythology Kool-Aid, but who just kind of feel like there might be something to this so-called “right to bear arms” stuff, would agree with these three GOP stooges?

What everyday Coloradan — after watching Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock cheaply, quickly and easily turn his military-style  semi-automatic rifles into virtual machine guns and turn them on a trapped and unsuspecting crowd — would sit on that Senate committee and say, “you know, these bump stocks have a perfectly acceptable and important place in our state?

Who thinks bump stocks shouldn’t be shunned along with things like grenades, sawed-off shotguns or the dwindling list of armory the NRA believes members should, what, hunt with? Who the hell does the NRA and these three gun-nutty senatorial freaks have in mind that bump-stockers should hunt down with these insidious additions to America’s ammo-erotic nightmare?

Last week, kids turned out at high schools across Colorado and the country to remind our nation’s so-called adults that we have lost our freaking minds over the gun thing. On March 24, they’ll take to the streets again in Denver, in Colorado Springs and across the country during a March For Our Lives event. They’re out to rally sane Americans, who are still in the vast majority, into voting the nation’s gun creepers out of office.

Americans want gun safety by reasonably limiting guns. No poll anywhere shows anything different. No matter how many real or faux-Russian Twitter trolls make it sound like there’s a sizable segment of America that agrees with them. Most Americans do not agree that slaughtering thousands of people each year at schools, at concerts, at movie theaters, grocery stores, offices, night clubs, living rooms and inside of cars is just the price of American freedom.

It’s a Trump-sized lie.

Only the NRA, the omnipotent gun lobby and .22-caliber dolts at the Colorado Capitol think guns are not the problem in this country. They’re the only ones who think bump stocks are hot-wired to the American way.

Our own children are smart enough to draw the line and point out how sick a society is that permits children to be massacred at school just to protect the ability of mentally ill, paranoid gun creepers to fester in secret or in plain site.

It is sick.

Clearly, these three state senators aren’t smarter than any fifth grader that will be marching soon to persuade voters across the state to elect leaders who are smart enough to ban bump stocks.

Even fifth graders want to ensure every gun purchaser undergoes a background check. They’re smart enough to want firearms off the streets that were made for military use in war zones.

Get rid of weapons that are unacceptable for “hunting.” Firearms that are exceedingly dangerous in the hands of intellectually or hormonally challenged nutters who demand the right to satiate fantasies shared by a growing list of mass shooters.

These three lawmakers and few dozen like them under the Gold Dome will never, ever listen to reason, because they are by nature or design unreasonable people. They are craven fools and milksops who will send out thoughts and prayers to you and yours when it’s your turn in the NRA barrel.

Don’t do it, Colorado. Don’t stand for it. Vote them out this fall.

They’re cowards. Once voters make it clear gun-sanity is a touchstone for winning their ballots, these spineless miscreants will be leading the March For Our Lives parade to bring common-sense gun safety bills to a host of legislative committees.

The fate of thousands of gun-violence victims no longer hinges on sniveling and inept elected officials. It depends on you to bring the resolve and temerity to bear against them on Election Day.

Look around you, Colorado. The numbers are commanding. If you make reasonable gun safety a priority in November, so will they.

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