PERRY: Colorado political attacks reveal how dumb candidates are, not voters


Just days into the Colorado campaign season gone serious and I’m already tired of the incessant whining — from the candidates.

Duck, voters. It’s time for political poo flinging on TV, Facebook and the Twitterverse. None of the candidates can claim innocence here. While attacks may be coming in from trolls and third-party crap-aign committees, no candidate takes the time to call out the lies spread about their opponents.

And they’re crazy lies this year.

Nobody believes that GOP gubernatorial candidate State Treasurer Walker Stapleton is a Nazi because his great-grandfather, Denver Mayor Ben Stapleton, was a member of the KKK before World War II. Ha ha, it was all rather amusing for a few minutes last year when this got bounced around in lieu of real political news.

Get over it. It’s just dumb. It’s nearly as dumb as the nonsense drumbeat over Stapleton’s Democratic challenger, Congressman Jared Polis, not paying any taxes despite being one rich dude. It’s a doltish lie. Polis has paid millions of dollars in taxes, and he’s got the IRS paper to prove it.

Meanwhile, there are real questions to ask that really do matter to Colorado voters. Will Stapleton stand up to the Trump Administration after snuggling it earlier in his campaign? If the cost of Polis’ ideas for some form of universal healthcare are just way unaffordable, then what?

But nobody cares about Walker’s crazy grampy and Polis’ lucrative investment moves.

Just as dozy is the political crap crusade between the candidates for Colorado Attorney General.

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler and former CU law school dean Phil Weiser are arguing over the other being unqualified to be state AG.

Brauchler whines that Weiser is too inexperienced because he hasn’t spent enough time prosecuting cases in the courtroom. Supposedly, he’s a can’t-do-so-he-has-to-teach kind of guy.

Total lie. Weiser clerked for two Supreme Court justices. He was in the Obama Administration as a deputy assistant attorney general working on anti-trust cases. The guy has vast experience he could tap as Colorado AG.

Brauchler does, too. He’s been a prosecutor for years and has been running for Colorado governor or something besides the local DA since he became DA about six years ago. He has no shortage of opinions about what the attorney general’s office should do.

Me neither. It’s a joke part of the government. There’s no reason it should be an elected office. Instead, the state attorney general should be appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate, just like in Washington. Why? Because they essentially run a fraud unit and represent the state when it occasionally gets sued, always having to defend the state.

Argue that, not nonsense about which lawyer can out-lawyer the other lawyer in a court of flaw. Sheesh.

And as whack as those allegations are, the hokum is the worst in the race for Aurora’s 6th Congressional District.

Attack ads against Democratic Challenger Jason Crow try to make it out that he’s a shyster lawyer trying to scam veterans.

Absolute crap. Crow is a veteran. He’s a former Army Ranger who saw real battle and real success in Iraq and Afghanistan. He volunteered to sit on the state’s veteran’s advisory board to try and find ways to improve the lives of vets. Attack ads by the pro-Republican Congressional Leadership Fund are vapid, outlandish lies.

Almost as mindless are attack ads targeting GOP incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman for taking PAC money.

“There are millions of reasons career politician Mike Coffman’s got to go,” the new TV ad states. “Special interests and corporate PACs spent $17 million to keep him in D.C.”

The ad was created and paid for by a political group called End Citizens United.

Pretty hard to seriously attack Coffman for taking political group money by using opposing political group money.

I’m at the front of the parade of a constitutional amendment prohibiting political candidates from accepting any donations from anyone, and using tax dollars to give each party candidate $1,000 each to run for office.

But until then, we can only hope that Congress wrestles special interest money and influence away from the election process.

It won’t happen in my lifetime, and both Republicans and Democrats love to say how evil their opponents’ addiction to it is. Some day, both parties and all candidates need to get help, but not today.

Today, we want to know what’s going to happen to the flawed Obamacare system if voters send Coffman back to Congress. His record of trying to at least undermine it, if not kill it, is frightening. There is no Plan B.

And voters want to know what Crow would do if he gets to Congress about the poison-candy GOP tax cuts steamrolled through early this year. Corporations are swimming in dollars, thanks to the tax cuts, and even I’ll admit that a few dollars are trickling down to the middle class. But just this week, a new non-partisan congressional report shows that the national debt is exploding, just as predicted. We’re borrowing trillions of dollars to give to already hugely profitable corporations.

Who cares about PAC dollars right now? Is Crow going to turn off the spigot and face incredible backlash? Would Coffman continue to build a deficit so overwhelming it would undermine the economy?

And the most important question of all? Who’s up for some impeachment?

FBI special prosecutor Robert Mueller hasn’t even weighed in on a president that is arguably a candidate for removal by invoking the 25th Amendment because he’s not just crazy, he’s crackhouse crazy.

Crow? Coffman? Would you impeach now? No? What would it take then?

That’s the kind of stuff voters want clear and direct answers to. Photo ops, platitudes, vagaries and spitballs? Knock it off.

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