PERRY: Colorado GOP put the ‘sick’ in sycophants with Trump impeachment bamboozle


Like a cheating spouse, Republicans are trying to persuade Americans repulsed by Trump’s Ukraine extortion that we are the ones with the problem, not them.

“We” are the 47 percent of the country who now want Democrats to push ahead with an impeachment inquiry, as opposed to the 38 percent who don’t, according to a poll released Friday by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Trump and congressional Republicans have solidified their “everybody does it” defense against an almost certain impeachment by the House.

It’s tragic that this is what we’ve come to as a nation. Almost half of us are willing stooges for liars and cheaters.

It was inevitable we would get here. Like any other sordid case of adultery, Trump thought he would get away with it. When he was caught, he denied it. Then Trump and select Republican toadies tried to persuade Americans the scam they saw and read about wasn’t want they thought it was.

The “no quid pro quo” became the equivalent of not having “sexual relations with that woman.”

This week, Trump and his allies realized he’s totally busted. They’ve ceded that not even Trump’s most ardent rubes will believe him over a groundswell of credibly truthful and respected witnesses.

The new defense? Trump did “absolutely nothing wrong.”

Sweet Jesus. Trump and Republicans like Republican Chairperson Ronna McDaniel and GOP Colorado Springs Congressman Doug Lamborn are going there.  They’re trying to get Americans to believe that there is nothing wrong with telling a keystone foreign government in crisis that if they don’t help play ball with undermining the Bidens, hundreds of millions of dollars in vital military aid won’t happen.

Of the few Republicans who at least say they’re concerned about the allegations, none will say outright that conspiring to blackmail Ukraine, desperate to fight against a cancerous Russian incursion, is dangerous, patently illegal and ethically corrupt.

“Absolutely nothing wrong.”

Here in Colorado, the moral bankruptcy among now fully complicit Republicans comes straight from the top.

“House Democrats have been conducting an impeachment inquiry without due process, fairness or transparency for over a month,” tweeted GOP Congressman Ken Buck, who’s also the head of the state Republican Party. He said this after Democrats made the impeachment push a public affair on Thursday. “No American should be subjected to this kind of unfairness. Today’s vote is nothing more than a Halloween trick to try to give this sham some credibility.”

Republicans in Congress keep charging that they’re in the dark about Trump impeachment inquiry witness depositions in the House. The protests come even though about half of each House committee involved are seated Republicans. You don’t have to depend on them for news. Every major media source in the nation, including Fox News, runs out the leaked highlights of testimony every day.

Buck and others keep moaning about “due process.” They know full well the House looks for evidence. The Senate provides due process in due time during a trial. This is like wanting a murder suspect to cross examine everyone the police contact before a prosecutors even presses charges.

While Buck and others may have been able to peddle this tripe to themselves and their faithful, anybody else with a TV or smart phone isn’t buying it.

Here comes Plan B.

If you’re among the growing majority of Americans polled this week by the Associated Press who want Congress to pursue the impeachment inquiry, Buck’s saying your lyin’ eyes are nothing more than a result of your being disgusted by Trump from the day he rode his golden escalator of glory into the nation’s political nightmare.

Yup. It’s true that  hundreds of millions of Americans just like me are fabulously relieved that Trump finally got caught doing something repugnantly impeachable this time.

So what?

Trump is an unrepentant, provable, profuse liar who’s surrounded himself with a gang of incompetent, unscrupulous whacks who are irrevocably endangering the nation and the entire world.

What’s not to loathe?

He provably and admittedly sent Rudy Rodent to Ukraine to blackmail that nation into wreaking havoc on Biden’s election campaign against Trump.

The “opposition” to all this is like the best friend who never liked the creep you married, who’s glad to see justice coming his way. But that doesn’t change the fact — fact being the key word here — that the creep admitted to sleeping with your friends and enemies. The fact — fact being the key word here, too — that he and his pals say there’s nothing wrong with his sleeping around, makes it worse, not better.

Colorado’s most prodigious Trump sycophant, Lamborn, just can’t seem to grovel low enough or frequent enough, and he wants you to join him.

“After reading the transcript,” Lamborn said in a recent tweet, “it is clear that unlike the Obama Administration who threatened and withheld lethal arms from Ukraine, @POTUS did nothing wrong. There were absolutely zero threats to withhold aid. Once again, Dems jump to conclusions before reading the facts.”

In an embarrassing portent, it was Lamborn, plastering his factless shmooze all over Trump’s asinine extortion scheme, who came to the mistaken conclusion.

Lamborn and his league of Trump spaniels dare to call their barrage of propaganda “facts?”

Trump “did nothing wrong.” Nothing. Everybody does it.

This is where we make it clear to all elected officials that, in fact, everybody does not do it, nor will we allow them.

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