PERRY: Colorado and the nation needlessly suffer from chronic mask hysteria


We live in a world where we increasingly must explain and emphasize things that for eons have just been incontrovertible facts.

We now must defend things like, because there is absolutely no, nada, keine, evidence found of widespread voting irregularities, it is unquestionable that Donald Trump duly lost the 2020 presidential election.

We must explain to a growing number of people licensed to drive that they are not licensed to kill with their absurd highway maneuvers. These are lethal stunts they would be ill suited to pull off even if they weren’t driving a 2003 Ford Tempo at 120 mph to weave through I-225 rush hour traffic.

And this week, again, we have to explain to people why forcing everyone to wear masks in the middle of a viral pandemic will save lives, possibly their own, and possibly even save the nation.

As the world turns and, literally, burns, mask naysayers are wanting to party in the public pulpit like it’s 2020 all over again.

Republicans aren’t the only masquerade party-poopers blinking into the cameras these days. Democratic Gov. Jared Polis has steadfastly refused to impose a statewide mask mandate for schools, despite the fact that almost every doctor organization on the orb has insisted on it. Polis, and others, say the situation in Colorado hospitals isn’t dire enough to warrant statewide mandates to prevent it from becoming another Alabama.

After getting the shrug from the state, the doctors we all entrust our lives to for everything but advice on masks and vaccines prodded local school boards to do the governor’s dirty work.


School districts like Cherry Creek, Douglas County, and APS each year produce volumes of rules that students and parents shall and shall not abide by or violate. The mandates cover a universe of things that go on in schools, from how low your pants can go to what you must and must not wear in gym class.

But health department and school board members act like forcing kids to wear masks during a pandemic that has killed millions of people is tantamount to forcing parents to plaster a “COEXIST” bumper sticker on every child gob in Aurora.

Get a grip, people.

Given school district nonsense about “mask not what you can do for your county” speeches, the adults in the room have turned to local health department boards.

After hours of testimony this week at a Tri-County Health Department Board meeting, scores of parents and doctors pointed out how surreal it is to appeal to a board of health to do something as simple and easy as a mask mandate in schools to keep them open during a pandemic.

However, the easy question for the board of health to answer, should we mask up the schools, died on a 4-4 vote.

One of the chief reasons cited by a growing number of mask mandate critics is that requiring kids to wear masks is physically or psychologically damaging.

Real doctors and nurses push back on that claptrap.

“There’s no significant health effects from wearing a mask,” Dr. Thomas Fawell told board members. “Having spent 35 years in masks in surgery, I can attest to that.”

COVID-19 does, however, carry with it significant health risks, death being among them.

For centuries, humans have figured out that the very air we breathe can kill people, and covering our air holes reduces the risk. This is the stuff of science even back when people and other animals were the sole source of power on the planet.

Really, we got this.

And the purpose of wearing masks, in operating rooms, chemo wards, tuberculosis sanitariums? Prevention. You wear the mask to keep other people from getting sick. The alternative is making people sick and then dealing with the consequences of having not worn a mask.

In a perfect world, generations from now will look back and shake their heads at us just like we do remembering generations past that had the bumps on their head read to treat psychological maladies.

In the real world, we don’t have to wait to drop our jaws over the low-level foolishness about mask mandates filling the misinformation highway all up and down the state, and the nation.

The West is literally on fire. We are running out of water. The region is teaming with homeless people and others on the verge of joining them. Traffic is so bad that it dominates the lives of those who must get in their cars to make a living.

Masks? Put it on. Get your shots. Hog up the people’s ether with the hard stuff, but not this.

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Jack McInroy
Jack McInroy
1 year ago

I agree with the editor. We wear seatbelts to protect us and our children from injury, but not to wear a mask to prevent them from dying? On what planet are we living to put so little value in th life of those we love the most?