EDITOR’S NOTE: Dave Perry’s column has been clarified to reflect that Colorado currently offers reciprocity with some states at its own discretion, not that of Congress, and that North Carolina currently has robust permit requirements, but state lawmakers there this year tried to end permits entirely for concealed weapon carriers.

Like it isn’t bad enough that we have to worry about our own homegrown gun nuts every time we go to Walmart or the airport these days. Thanks to House Republicans — including our own Congressman Mike Coffman — now we have to worry about ammophiles from all over the country when they visit Colorado.

Coffman went the way of the NRA and most of his party yesterday in voting yes for a measure rammed through the House. The bill would let yahoos with hidden-gun permits from any state pack their piece in their little hidee holes when they come here.

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head and gravely wounded in 2011 by a mentally ill man with a gun, summed it up Wednesday when she slammed the measure.

“I’m angry that when this country is begging for courage from our leaders, they are responding with cowardice,” Giffords said, according to the Associated Press.

I can’t tell you what in the hell Coffman and these congressional reps were thinking, but I can tell you this is absolutely not what Americans are thinking when they repeatedly demand universal gun laws. Background checks, you fools. Americans want background checks.

In the wake of the some of the most horrific gun slaughters this country has seen since James Holmes shot up an Aurora movie theater, this Congress wants to make it easier than ever for sick people and criminals to carry hidden guns.

Are you freaking kidding me? Congressman Coffman saw what crazy people with guns can do in his own city. He thinks it’s a good idea to let deep-red states that purposely elect unrepentant, lying pedophiles to the U.S. Senate tell us here in Colorado and the other 48 states who should and shouldn’t be allowed to secretly pack a pistol?

Nope. That’s Donald-Trump crazy crap you’re talking now.

Do you know who can carry hidden guns in Texas? Everybody. Anybody. Have you seen their state legislature in action? No wonder everybody there wants to move here. You think people who elect somebody like Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate, tout open carry absolutely anywhere and want every teacher to pack a gun with their lunch should be deciding who drives through Aurora and Denver with a hog-leg strapped on under their pants?

Make it stop.

Americans overwhelmingly want Congress to do something to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. And recent gun slaughters have made it abundantly clear that the government as a whole is totally inept at doing that job. It’s because a bunch of conspiracy theorists backed by the political terrorists at the NRA have perpetuated a Second Amendment mythology far apart from a state militia reality. So we have to live in a country where tens of thousands of people are shot to death every single year. We live in a nation where the NRA and their gun-nut minions in Congress won’t even let the Centers for Disease Control study gun violence for fear that reliable information will set America free from a weapons cult holding us all at gunpoint.

Just weeks after some new nut-case shoots up a Thornton Walmart, Colorado is closer than ever to pushing back against the NRA and gun-nuts at our state Capitol. Maybe this year it’s possible to enact real gun-control laws that work to keep firearms out of the hands of crazy, careless people.

And if we do, y’all in Congress think we want states like Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arizona and Florida to decide who gets to carry their heater in their pants or purse when they come to Colorado? As it stands, Colorado already offers reciprocity with some states. But given the political climate across the country and the ability for state legislatures to change concealed weapon permit requirements on a whim, the last thing we need is for the NRA to force Colorado residents to live under the rule of the North Carolina legislature. There, lawmakers came perilously close to upending that state’s current beefy permit requirements and completely eradicating the need for a permit to pack a secret gun. That state’s House passed the bill, but it later died. This time.

We got our own troubles with our lawmakers, like state Rep. Lori Saine. She spent the night in the tank in Denver this week after being arrested for not having sense enough to stash her hidden gat when she goes to airport. We sure as hell don’t need other states’ idiots who fill out hidden gun permits on the back of cereal boxes in Arkansas or Mississippi and then think they should pack their piece on the chairlift at Loveland with me.

Americans want real gun control. What the hell happened to banning bump stocks or making sure crazy military veterans get reported to national crime databases so they don’t buy assault rifles and shoot up churches? What happened to closing loopholes that let crazy people or criminals buy guns on Craigslist or at other states’ gun shows?

If Congress wants to create a responsible and reliable hidden-gun permit law, then we can talk. If lawmakers want to make sure that every applicant passes an annual criminal and mental health evaluation, undergoes serious and effective training, is limited to two weapons they can hide, which prohibits semi-automatic weapons, a permit that requires a home inspection to see if you’re about to shoot up a Las Vegas concert or something, then I’m in.

But this? You think this was the most important gun legislation America needs right now? More guns in the pants of paranoid weirdos who just might pull the damn things out the next time some madman opens fire during a school play or a political rally?

Ask cops what a good idea they think that is. Pull out your heater in the mall if you think you’ve just heard gunfire, and see how happy police are to see you holding your loaded weapon.

What in the hell is wrong with you people in Washington? Tax-scheme ripoffs. Health insurance malfeasance. Shipping out DACA kids. Beating up Muslims. Building Mexican walls. Turning off health-care for children. Running away from global warming. And now this?

Y’all got Trumphosen by Proxy Syndrome or something?

You cooked yourselves in the House on this one. This dumb deal is done. It’s up to the Senate now to show better sense, spank the NRA for being the creepiest malcontents on the planet for even thinking this is a good idea, especially now, and pitch the kind of gun control Americans are demanding.

We can’t stop other states from making their firearm freakshows any worse than they already are, but we shouldn’t have to let the armed and dangerous disasters they create come to Colorado to kill and maim us because the NRA tells you so.

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