PERRY: Bear down for Kevin McCarthy’s halfway House of horrors

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., walks back to his seat after speaking with Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., after Gaetz voted “present” in the House chamber as the House meets for the fourth day to elect a speaker and convene the 118th Congress in Washington, Friday, Jan. 6, 2023. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

If you’re not sure what all the hysteria was last week over choosing a speaker of the House, but you do know that Donald Trump and his cronies are soulless frauds and criminals, keep reading.

The far-right Republicans barely taking the wheel of half of Congress, and the far-right extremists jerking the choke-collar of barely-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are promising to vex the nation with a fresh crop of Trumpy deceits.

You don’t need to know all the gory details about how dubious congresspersons — like Colorado GOP barely-Congressperson Lauren Boebert, and still-investigated for juvenile trafficking GOP Congressperson Matt Gaetz — held barely-Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s gavel hostage for five days. It was all  in an effort to extract blood-money promises that will have you flinching and grimacing for the next two years.

You can just chuckle at McCarthy’s pitiable attempt to introduce himself to the nation, in the middle of the night Saturday, with a speech he’d been preparing for weeks, possibly months and likely for years.

During his homily, he painted himself as a remarkable and humble hero, conquering all the incredible odds stacked against a white man whose father was an assistant fire chief in central California.

Imagine the trauma.

McCarthy himself — steady here — actually worked sometimes as a seasonal firefighter in college and as he pursued his MBA.

The stuff of true grit.

Just imagine, a white man growing up in the depths of middle-class California and getting his masters degree, and then actually getting elected to Congress. Beyond belief, he then hustled his way past his peers as a career politician to become Speaker of the House.

It’s a story similar to, well, a few dozen other House speakers so far.

McCarthy’s breathless, wee-hours soliloquy devolved from that into a laundry list of ways the new House barely-majority will wreak Trumpian havoc on the nation for the next two years, or as long as he lasts as speaker.

First up, McCarthy says he and his ultra-right and right-wing-extremist Republicans, calling the shots now in the House, will be investigating the “weaponization” of the FBI and other government agencies involved in prosecuting crimes committed by Trump and a handful of members of Congress.

Trump prides himself on his ability to turn his victims into perpetrators and deflect consequences by bullying the courts and common sense. Now, it’s become a House GOP party plank.

All those stolen highly classified documents Trump stashed in his Florida house and got caught with? Just another witch hunt imposed on poor Donald.

Caught red-handed trying to usurp the votes of millions of Americans by abusing a bevy of courts across the country, blackmailing the Vice President of the United States and spearheading a deadly Capitol insurrection?

“Fake News” from every credible media source in the nation and a years-long solid inquiry by Congress, Trump and his cronies say.

The weapon used against Trump was videotape, testimony from an army of his own staff, allies and family, and the undeniable truth.

One moment McCarthy was promising early Saturday that he had, barely, won the gavel to serve the people, then he explained how he wanted to use that power in Congress to serve up political revenge.

Rather than vowing to shake a growing number of extremists in the Republican Party, he literally, and politically, embraced lawmakers who believe in Jewish space lasers, that Donald Trump actually won the 2020 presidential election, and that vaccines are an evil plot to change our DNA.

More on lies and conspiracies?

After, barely, being handed the gavel, McCarthy promised to  try and pull the plug on a budget measure from last year to restore funding to the IRS.

McCarthy repeated regularly debunked lies told by a growing number of GOP extremists that funding the IRS was meant to create an “army” of IRS agents to badger and stalk innocent, poor and middle class taxpayers and steal their hard-earned money.

“The agency is not hiring an army of 87,000 “new agents” to target low- and middle-class Americans,” the Associated Press and endless legit media outlets have countered. “Many hires will be used to replace some 50,000 IRS employee retirements in coming years. Others will become customer service representatives answering taxpayer phone calls.”

And the new agents that are hired?

Their charge won’t be harassing the poor and middle class, or even those who make a decent living. They’ll be focusing on auditing wealthy tax cheats who virtually steal from hardworking Americans who do pay all their taxes.

It’s another case of so-called conservatives demanding the government “get tough on crime,” but not crimes committed by a virtual infestation of rich tax cheats who have been able to bet on an under-funded IRS being unable to catch them..

It’s no different than car thieves counting on a dearth of police officers so they can take what they want with relative impunity.

That’s just a start.

McCarthy promises to help hold up meaningful immigration reform while ludicrously insisting that border walls and guns will solve the problem.

The nation has been there, and not done that.

There was no mention Saturday of reeling in a health-care system that pillages American finances and returns less each year.

Nary a word about a national crisis where 6-year-old students gun down their teachers.

Instead, McCarthy, in the middle of the night, laid out an agenda spun from lies, exaggerations and misinformation. It’s a campaign trying to convince people that “woke” teachers and school systems want to turn most Americans gay and call themselves “they.”

McCarthy is banking on all white Americans being as hysterical and bigoted as Boebert or Georgia GOP Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This is what McCarthy not only aspired to, but what he sold his political soul for.

All the melodramatic threats last week, going fisticuffs on the House floor, and all of the shrill demands from the most sinister of the GOP extremists, were just a warm-up act for the scary main feature that begins this week.

You know how this turns out. “The call is coming from inside the House.”

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21 days ago

Didn’t even bother to read Perry’s diatribe but I suspect it was more pearl-clutching, now that his fever dream of getting a democrat in the speaker seat was dashed, and constitutional Republicans were able to temper McCarthy’s left-leaning tendencies in the negotiation.

Did I guess right?

20 days ago
Reply to  Blaze

Kevin McCarthy – squeaker of the House.

20 days ago
Reply to  Blaze

‘constitutional Republicans’? Aren’t all members of Congress supposed to take oaths of fealty to the Constitution?

Factory Working Orphan
Factory Working Orphan
20 days ago
Reply to  GeneD

You mean the same Constitution that members of your side say “wasn’t made for them”?

20 days ago

Huh? And why do you continue to stoke divisiveness by dividing differences of views as coming from ‘sides’?

Factory Working Orphan
Factory Working Orphan
19 days ago
Reply to  GeneD

Consider it an in-kind contribution.

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
19 days ago

What side? And who said this?

Factory Working Orphan
Factory Working Orphan
18 days ago
Reply to  Jeff Ryan

It’s been a standard BLM trope for years, Jeff. But coming from someone who hates white people and thinks a state with a Democratic governor and Senators is right-wing, I can see why you would be so confused about this.

Kelly White
Kelly White
20 days ago

Let’s Go Brandon!