PERRY: All states must be counted on to end Trump’s Census scam and growing tyranny


One of the world’s most reviled despots is plotting against America again to find a way to usurp decency, fairness and the rule of law.

This newest threat comes, once again, from President Donald Trump.

Not so long ago, American threats came from abroad. Trump, however, works tirelessly to steal and cheat Americans from inside the Oval Office.

While Congressional Democrats stammer and flail over whether and how to impeach the nation’s most impeachable president, Trump rolls out new articles of unequivocal malevolence, sometimes several times a day.

Last week, the law, the government, the Democrats, the clock and the U.S. Supreme Court scuttled Trump’s odious plan to spike the 2020 Census questionnaire with a poison citizenship question.

Trump wants the Census Department to ask every American if they are or aren’t a citizen. While the question seems innocuous, it’s not. Trump, the courts, state officials and just about everyone in the federal government know the effect of asking that question on the full Census query. Every expert agrees it will scare millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, out of answering the Census entirely.

It would cause a vast undercount.

Trump and those beholden to his nationalistic agenda believe Republicans and “red” states would benefit from the Census undercount. A total of 17 states and six major cities have joined forces against Trump on the issue, including Colorado — and Texas.

The every-decade Census marks congressional redistricting. It also determines the number congressional seats and Electoral College votes for each state. It sets the level for federal funding for myriad programs.

Several trusted news sources have documented Trump’s plan, years in the making, to throw the Census to undermine immigrants and the states where so many of them live. For more than two years, Trump has tried to bully his way into changing the Census survey.

Last week, the Supreme Court delivered a final rebuke. Not only did the high court rule against Trump’s effort to force the citizenship question, justices took the time to point out that the Trump Administration had clearly lied about its contrived reasoning for pressing the Census drama all the way to the top court.

Mendacity is Trump’s most notable personal and political quality, effectively removing him from every instance where the nation must decide whom to include in a discussion about what’s best for the nation.

Just like tyrants and autocrats do in Russia, China, North Korea, Hungary and other repressed nations across the planet, Trump dismisses and violates the rule of law.

No never means no to bullies who thwart democracy.

Now. Trump is considering an “executive order” to force the question, a move he now reaches for as his regular protocol for undermining the Constitution.

It’s not like Trump passionately wants to preserve some looted human right or undo some aching wrong against humanity by setting fire to American government. He wants to scuttle law and order to cheat Americans out of an accurate Census count.

With all the capricious leadership skills of Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-un, Trump has turned the solid government of the most powerful nation into a third-world dumpster fire.

This is no longer about red states versus blue states. Even Texas realizes what a gross injustice Trump’s Census scheme would be for them. In Colorado and Aurora, undermining the Census count would mean being cheated out of hundreds of millions of federal dollars that we desperately need. It would further embolden white nationalists and supremacists, which have crawled out from rocks and closets en mass here and across the country.

Americans from all states must band together to draw the line on Trump’s autocracy — here.

This could be a place where Colorado. Sen. Cory Gardner begins to save his senate seat by pushing against Trump’s craven presidency and pushing for a state abused and cheated by him.

Other congressional Republicans must find a way out from under the mantle of fear they have surrendered to in Washington. With the clock ticking out on Trump’s reign, it seems unlikely Democrats will muster the courage to advance righteousness over political spoils and impeach Trump for a growing litany of crimes and egregious malfeasance.

So we must endure and survive Trump.

America cannot allow Trump to infect the nation with his diseased presidency for a decade after he’s gone just because he played the Census like a craps game.

He could find a way to lie or cheat to get the Census Department to include the citizenship question on the full Census survey. If he does, every state, every decent and honest public official must insist every American and immigrant ignore the question, and beg everyone living here to complete the rest of the form.

If we can’t beat Trump using the rule of law, we have to beat him at his own game, until voters in 2020 tell him it’s game over.

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