MARSHA BERZINS: My Aurora council record speaks louder than my opponents’ dubious promises


With less than two weeks to go until ballots are counted and Aurora elects a new Mayor, I wanted to make one last attempt to earn your vote. Elections are about choices. And we candidates put considerable effort into distinguishing ourselves from one another. Here are three key distinctions I hope you’ll take into consideration before you vote for Aurora Mayor:

Experience: No other candidate running for Mayor has more relevant experience and proven track record making the hard decisions on Council that make Aurora better. Three times starting in 2009 I was elected by Aurora Ward 3 voters.

My constituents continue to return me to office because I show up for the job; I keep my word and I vote their interests. When I am elected Mayor, I promise to work every day on the priorities set by everyday Aurorans – not the outside interests from Denver or Washington. For 10 years, I have developed a solid record of defending TABOR, keeping water rates low, keeping the cost of housing in check; and balancing budgets year in and year out.

Background: I am supported by a loving husband, five great kids, two sons-in-law and a grandchild. Daily I’m surrounded by love, confidence and good humor. It’s future generations of the Berzins family – and yours – that motivate me to be your next Mayor. Like many of you, I moved to Aurora to start a new life, a family of my own and a new career.

I have lived the dream here in Aurora and as Mayor I want to make the dream possible for everyone else who lives here. I’m an unashamed church-goer who takes comfort in my faith. I’m a small business owner who has created jobs, met a payroll, paid my vendors, avoided debt and grown a customer base. And I have taken great joy in a career of public service on City Council – a career I hope to continue as your next Mayor.

Integrity: I’m running for Aurora Mayor because I’m inspired by new generations of Aurorans who want a safer, more affordable, more responsive Aurora. I’m not running for office to stay relevant because the voters threw me out of my last political job.

Nor am I using Aurora Mayor as a platform to launch my future political ambitions beyond the border of Aurora. And I’m not running on a national agenda to remake Aurora into Boulder or Aspen or some other big government model that daily intrudes into our lives. I promise my only goal is to serve with honor, integrity and restraint to keep Aurora a desirable place to live, work and raise a family.

My vision for Aurora is one that’s prosperous, safe, and affordable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your strong consideration. I love Aurora. You have my solemn promise that as Mayor, I will work every day to make you proud of the place that you call home.

Marsha Berzins is represents Ward 3 on the Aurora City Council and is candidate for mayor.