LETTERS: Vote NO on national popular vote to keep Colorado relevant


EDITOR: Colorado has 1.8% of the U.S. population. That simple fact is the reason to reject Proposition 113. Presidential candidates will focus all their time and their resources on the large population centers such CA, NY, IL, TX, and FL.

The long-term consequences are ominous: Think about the allocation of federal dollars for highways, social services, medical care, and environmental programs for CO. There will be no incentive whatsoever for decision-making politicians to put money into CO or to protect our interests. Imagine the power that California would have if they demand all the water coming from the Rocky Mountains? Federal laws would be changed and there would be little our state could do to stop the theft.

If the National Popular Vote were to become reality, it would permanently establish CO (and much of the US) as flyover country. Large population centers would control dollars because they control voting outcomes.

With our current nine electoral votes, presidential candidates and decision-makers in Washington know that they must balance time, attention, and resources amongst all 50 states.

Vote for your state, vote for 50-state balance and vote against Proposition 113.

Jerry Rath, via [email protected]